On barium and pancakes

Friday morning, Justin and I drove to the hospital on Hilton Head, where we sat in the waiting room for, I don’t know, 45 minutes?  And then they took Justin away to make him drink a barium smoothie and barium smothered crackers and other barium flavored things for about 15 minutes, if that long, before telling him that there’s nothing wrong with his swallowing, so whatever the problem he’s having, it’s not because of that.

Wohoo.  What a way to spend a morning.

So we went back home and he went to bed because poisonous heavy metals and chemicals to which he’s allergic do not a happy husband make.  While he slept, I went shopping at thrift stores to find a bowl to replace the one I dropped Thursday afternoon.  That was the second such bowl I’ve destroyed at work and I’ve determined that if I’m going to go through them at this rate, then I’m going to stop paying any more than $1 for them.  I tried on some clothes while I was there, and then stopped trying on clothes and stuck to house wares because new clothes are so overrated.  And three hours, a delightful conversation with my sister, and $1.07 later, I’ve got a “brand new” bowl to take to work, microwave oatmeal in for a couple months, and then accidentally drop somewhere in the building.

Saturday was much more sedate, with a lot of sitting around and watching TV and poking at computers and letting Justin rest.  I did some organizing projects that I’d been meeting to get around to doing and watched too much “Ghost Whisperer” just because it was on TV.  And I got most of our movies inventoried on to the iTrackMine website. (Useful website, by the way, if a bit time extensive without a barcode scanner.)

Sunday, Justin was supposed to run the computer at church, but he woke up freezing with a fever and shaking, so I called the worship pastor and we both agreed that Justin should just stay in bed; so I tucked him back in, with a couple extra blankets and an electric hot pad and let him sleep away the morning, while I finished inventorying the movies and video games and tidied the house and organized the closet in my office a little better and started a loaf of bread in the bread maker and basically just puttered around the house for hours.  (Run-on sentence!)

Later in the afternoon, after Justin was up and showered and everything, a friend of ours stopped by to play card games and hang out.  It was so much fun!  The last time (which was also the first time), we met somewhere in town and ate dinner together and chatted, but it just wasn’t comfortable.  This time was so much better.  We laughed, we played card games, we introduced her to “Wonderfalls,” we played Wii games, and we watched Justin make pancakes for dinner.  It was great!

I enjoy so much having people over to the house.  Making friends and cooking them food and hanging out, relaxing and laughing.  It’s wonderful!

Today, Justin’s still not feeling tip-top, but he hasn’t been tip-top for months and months, so we’re used to this.  Hopefully we’ll hear back from his doctors soon to figure out what to do next.  Meanwhile, I’ve got a lot to accomplish at work because I’m going to be out of the office part or all of the day on Wednesday and all day Thursday because Mom and Dad are going to be here (YEA!!) and there’s a lot to do before then.

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