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Okay, so this whole work-ten-hours-for-four-days thing is going to take a little more getting used to than I expected.  The pace of my workday and my evenings and how it effects my weekends are all subtly different, and it managed to throw me off all week.

It wasn’t a bad week, though.  I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole three-day weekend thing.

  • Monday, when I wrote last, we went running and I was tired.
  • Tuesday, nothing much happened.
  • Wednesday, we went running again and had a pleasant evening. 
  • Thursday!  Thursday evening was band practice and I had the opportunity to sing with two ladies who are either hoping to join the band or just wanted the opportunity to sing along with practice, I’m not sure which.  One of them has a similar history to me, with a family who would go out singing in different places, complete with microphones and everything.  She was really good at finding harmonies to compliment the harmonies I was singing.  It was a lot of fun!
  • Friday kept confusing me because I didn’t get up to go to work.  I slept in.  I poked around the house.  I can’t even remember what I did with my day, other than go to the chiropractor’s office.  And we tried to play games with the guys online that evening, but the program that we use had a major hissy-fit, so we ended up just playing games on our own while sitting on Skype and chatting at each other.  And I made cookies.
  • Saturday was the best day of the week.  We got up and did a rush job at cleaning the house and making a pan of brownies.  And then, with a piping hot pan of brownies and a bowl of cookies, we went to a book club meeting to talk about Ender’s Game for an hour and a half.  At the end, we set up dinner plans with one of the guys from the book club (and his wife) for a couple weeks from now. 

After the book club meeting, we went back home to finish cleaning the house so it’d be ready for our friend who was coming for dinner and Munchkin.  She arrived and we made meatloaf, potatoes, and broccoli (and broccoflower) and sat around chatting for a while before playing an exciting game of Munchkin Impossible while waiting for the food to finish.  We had a delicious meal and sat around talking for a while longer before she had to head home.

We had a *great* time and I really enjoyed it.  I’m hoping to hang out with her some more.  I feel badly about part of the evening because I asked a question that brought up something that made her cry and I really didn’t mean to make her sad.  And she (along with the three other girls I’ve made friends with lately) is thinking of moving away from here, which is a bummer, but completely understandable.  Anyway, I hope to hang out with her again really soon.

  • And Sunday morning was church, and I was there early for band practice and there late to clean up and Justin was stuck at home because his car wouldn’t start, which stinks because it was a good service.  The afternoon was spent relaxing and getting little projects done, fixing seams in my pants and buttons that had come loose while watching Justin fight battles with the Zerg on his StarCraft II game. (“Science hurts!”  “Need some triage?”  “Base is under attack.”  “You gonna give me orders?”  “Mineral field depleated.”)

And now we’re back to Monday and this morning was rough.  I didn’t want to get up as early as I had to, and we need to do laundry, so I’m wearing a fairly lightweight skirt in a day that’s unexpectedly chilly and windy and rainy.  And I spilled coffee on my lap while driving to work, so I arrived at my desk cold, wet, and scalded.  Fortunately, I had a cloth napkin in the car to help soak up the coffee and the skirt is the color of cappuccino already so it doesn’t show.  But it made for an exceptionally grumpy morning.  Add onto that calling different medical offices to ask about paperwork that we’ve received and all the hassle that comes with that.  I’ve been ready to go home since about 8:00 this morning.

Five and a half more hours to go….

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  1. Only 12 days until we head south. I can’t wait to see you guys! Hang in there. I’m working my first 8 hour day, because I revamped my scheduled so I don’t need to make a special trip to town for the Monday eve. Weight Watchers meeting. I’m planning to do office work for four hours this afternoon. That should be fun, actually. Peace and quiet and getting things accomplished.


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