I’m so tired right now but I’m trying to get back on task with things and this is one of those things.

I went back to work today and, really, it wasn’t all that bad.  I mean, sure, I had to get up at 5:30 so I could get to work by 7:00 for my new ten-hour shift.  But half an hour early and half an hour later doesn’t make the day too much longer and it’ll mean I get a lot more three-day weekends, and I think that’s a win!  And, okay, so someone unplugged the fridge but left the door shut and stuff in there, so when I went to open it, there was black and green fungus and mushy cardboard boxes in there, but hey!  It’s so much cleaner now that I took bleach to it.  And I managed to fix the coffee pot that was leaking all over the counter.  And so a customer found an error in a document I did before the holiday, but I was able to fix it pretty quickly.  And I tracked my food as well as I could and I’ll get that logged soonish.  And to top it off, Justin and I went out and ran 1-minute intervals for 20 minutes and after sitting on my butt for way too long, it *really* hurt when I got a stitch in my side and I’m already aching and soooooooo sleeeeeeeeepy, but hey!  We went running.

So, yeah.  That’s that.  And I’m seriously thinking of going to bed right now.

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