Today started the second week of my vacation and I have been LOVING! IT! SO! MUCH!

I’m sorry, all of you who don’t have all this time off.

Christmas was, you know, pretty good.  Justin was sick, so we sat around playing video games and eating caramel corn and Great-grandma’s rolls all day until we decided to make pot-pies for dinner.  He’s feeling much better, by the way.  He went to a doctor appointment today and they’re going to do some follow-up work.  They’re going to make him swallow more barium.  I don’t think I wrote about how horrible that was last time.  It was horrible.  Really.  Really.  Horrible.

But I’ve talked to my family a lot in the last couple days and it’s been a lot of fun.  I’m relaxing at home and getting thing accomplished that I’ve been looking forward to accomplishing.  And then, when I’m done being productive, I’m playing Final Fantasy XIII and having fun there.  Except I need to get more CP, apparently because the bosses keep one-shotting me and it’s getting really annoying.  Also, leveling gear in this game is really confusing and I’m tired of trying to figure it out, but I have to get better equipped or I’m not going to ever get past these monsters.  Ugh!

Anyway, today I got to hang out with some girls and sing songs and watch random youTube videos and laugh about TV shows and make mashed potato pizza pie and it was SO  much fun!  And now I’m exhausted.  And it seems like the day went by so fast!  And it was a really, really great day.