Christmas is nearly here!

And you know what I haven’t finished yet?  Buying and mailing presents.

Wanna see what I have been working on?  (WARNING:  picture heavy post)

Poinsettias made of felt
Homemade wreath
Seriously - $3.50 for this thing
I cut out many, many of these
We have no snow, so these hang in the windows
My cactus might bloom soon, but not by Christmas
Look! More poinsettias!
Christmas tree!
Our tree angel is pretty
This is Justin's favorite ornament
Mom made this for me a couple years ago
She made this for me last year (LOVE IT!)
The bird cages were on sale at Michael's for $0.50
The wise men are on their journey and stopped to warm themselves by the fire
Penguins! (Or, as Grandma would say, "Penquins!")
Tiny little stockings on the tv armoir
More snowflakes!
Look familiar, anyone? (Yes, they are in the right order.)
Dad gave me this last year. Sadly, there are no cookies in it right now.
Maybe not the best way to treat a Tiffany vase . . . .
But since this is as far as I've gotten with presents, maybe I should get back to that.


  1. Yay–Pictures!!! I see a few decorations that bring back memories. What fun!

    It’s so strange for me to think that you don’t have snow on Christmas! I love all of your snowflakes. 🙂

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