Quick catch-up


  • First day of vacation! Sleeping in!
  • And then cleaning the church offices really well
  • So long that I go to the chiropractor’s office directly from there instead of going home to shower first
  • And then go home to shower and get ready for a party
  • And then spend the evening at a party with a bunch of very fun people until very late at night


  • Did I mention the late night party?  Sleeping!
  • And then poking around the house
  • And watching TV
  • And basically being very, very lazy


  • Up for band practice at 7:30
  • Church at 10:15 and it was great!
  • Home after church for lunch and cleaning house
  • And then off to Savannah to look for Christmas presents
  • Followed by Olive Garden to use a gift card
  • And Tron in 3D with free tickets

Fantastic way to start my vacation!