Tonight I’m taking these:

Some assembly required

And turning them into these:


Yesterday I took them from here:

Materials and tools

Washed off the marker and rolled them like this to dry:


And tonight I’m going to hot glue them all together.  It’s all thanks to Centsational Girl through Infarrantly Creative. (Krista, if you don’t already read Centsational Girl, you will LOVE her.)

Most of these pictures are taken on my chair is because my table looks like this:

Where's the table?

I’m having fun!

Also – I’m done with work for the year!  Hurray for vacations and holidays!


  1. Yea for vacation. Glad to see you are having some Christmas fun! Those flowers are beautiful. Where are you going to put them!


  2. I read both of those blogs! I also really love and

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