Baby, it’s cold out there!

I started writing this post about how I was grumpy about the cold because the heat in our house isn’t keeping up with the weather and I’m layered up with my exercise pants under my skirt and a thick shawl wrapped around my shoulders.  And then I checked the weather for the rest of my family and I had to delete it all because it was -21* in New Auburn.  Mom and Dad win.  Or fail, depending on the contest.

You all know that you are welcome to come and visit at any time, right?  It’s a balmy 28* here right now.  Winds are gusting at 15-20 mph, but that’s the worst of it.  I’m SO excited to see Mom and Dad in January(!!), but I want you all to know that if any of you decide that you’re just spontaneously going to hop on a plane and fly on down, you can call us from the airport and we’ll come get you.  We’ll pull out the sofa bed and put the inflatable mattress on top and take you out to get southern barbeque.  Anytime!

You could help me decorate for Christmas.  The tree is still bare.  We were going to do it last night but I got a headache and didn’t want to do anything other than lay on the couch.  So that’s what I did.  And make potato soup, but that was soothing.

Also?  Exercise pants under long skirts = Surprisingly comfortable. 

Keep warm everybody!!

6 thoughts on “Baby, it’s cold out there!”

    1. It so is! I have to say, though, after 10 hours in it, I was ready to ditch the skirt.

      I did get complimented on the look at the grocery store, though!

  1. Yay for seeing the parents in January. Are you coming to visit us or are they traveling to you? We have 2 guest bedrooms now!

    1. Embarrassingly, we’re going to steal them away for a day or two. Unless you’d like to come down to visit, too!? You’re more than welcome, I just figure you have to work or something . . . .

      Did you know that I’m terribly allergic to animal fur and dander?

  2. I’ll have to do the exercise pants thing under a skirt–I was just lamenting the fact that I don’t own any leggings, but those would work great!

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