Weekend recap

Thank you all for your encouraging comments to my last post! It really meant a lot to me. And I had fun conversations with a handful of you over the weekend, and that was wonderful, too!

Friday didn’t go exactly how I had planned. I thought I would work until about noon, go home for lunch with Justin, and then head out to Michael’s and get some crafting things to decorate the house. Instead, I ended up working until 5:00. By the time I got home, I was tired and hungry (I didn’t bring a lunch or snacks because I wasn’t going to be there very long – fortunately, I did have a can of emergency soup for lunch and an orange, but that was pretty much it for my day) and I scrambled into my pajamas and sat still for a while. We had online game night with friends, and the two girls I’m making friends with from nearby joined us and it was a lot of fun.

Saturday, we rested away the morning and then cleaned away the early afternoon. Then we showered and went to Savannah so Justin could get his hair cut. We were going to hit a movie, too, but decided we didn’t really care that much to see anything that was in the theatre I have free tickets for, so we had dinner, walked around Target for a few things, got some ice cream, and went home.

Sunday, Justin had to be at church early for set-up, but I lazed around the house before heading to the service. Afterward, we hit Target again for a battery (more on that later), and then went to the tree farm to get a tree. We’ve gone back and forth on the tree thing, trying to figure if we could really get one this year, but it’s such an icon of the season, we decided that we’d just go ahead and get it.

When we got home, I went to the front door to open up the house so Justin could bring in the tree and my key didn’t go in the door. I couldn’t get it to fit. Justin came over and tried with his key and with mine and neither one of them would work. He finally determined that there’s something wedged in there and nothing we did was going to work. So we knocked on the neighbor’s door, asked to borrow their ladder, and Justin broke into our house by climbing in through his office window.

Fortunately, everything after that went just fine. We drove back to the high school to collect Justin’s car and it wasn’t locked into the parking lot. When we got back home, we set the tree into the stand and because last year we had such a fight getting the tree to stay in the stand, we went out and bought a really good one. This time, it took less than 10 minutes to get the tree from outside the back door to inside the house standing on its own. It’s amazing. And then Justin took the battery that we got at Target and put it into the key fob for my car and now my keyless entry/ignition works again! I’ve had to pull out the key to open the door and turn on my car for a couple months now and it was really annoying. Justin fixed it!! I’m very excited about this.

Part of Saturday’s cleaning was to pull the Christmas decorations from the attic, but we didn’t decorate, so Sunday afternoon, I worked on that a little. It’s not done yet, but I’m not letting myself feel rushed or pressured about it. The tree is still naked, but we’ll do that together sometime this week.

Today I’m back at work and, if the schedule holds like it is right now, I’ll be on vacation starting Friday. With any luck, I’ll not even have to come in on Friday, but I’m not counting on that one yet. I have a lot to accomplish before then.

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