I just want to point out the weather differences between where we all are right now.  According to

Mom and Dad: 4* (feels like -6*)

Nathan & Amy:  6* (feels like 6*)

Erica and Tim:  9* (feels like -3*)

Luke and Krista:  26* (feels like 19*)

Me at work:  26* (feels like 17*)

Justin at home:  30* (feels like 23*)

I should look again in an hour, just to see how that changes with the sun and the time zone differences and all of that, but we know that I’m not going to remember to do that.

Anyway, the point was to show you that, yeah, Mom and Dad take the cake with temperatures that feel like -6*, but what happened to Georgia?!  Someone dumped a cup of ice out on the parking lot this morning and it wasn’t melting at all!  A week or so ago it was in the 70s!

I want my warm weather back. 🙁


  1. That’s cold and you don’t get the “benefit” of slowly having your body adjust to the temperature change. Boo!

  2. But don’t forget it will be in the 50’s there again before long and we will still be in the low teens. For months. And months. With maybe a cheerful dip to below zero. For a week at a time. It’s the same as us getting 100 degrees in the summer. It doesn’t last long, but its still just as hot here as Georgia. Ah, weather. If we didn’t have it, what would we find to complain about??


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