Kleenex boxes

I’ve become a horder of Kleenex boxes.  I hadn’t thought about it until I ran out of tissues again today and threw the empty box in the drawer with another empty box and thought “Wait.  What did I just do?”

I only do it at work.  But I just counted and I have seven Kleenex boxes in my drawers here.  Seven is a large number when you consider that there are 130 tissues per box.  (130 x 7 = 910 tissues.)  Seriously?  That’s a lot of Kleenex.

Now, it’s not like they’re just sitting there empty.  That is a very important factor of this hording.  Of the seven, only two of them are empty.  The other five have a variety of objects in them – from tea bags to silverware to personal toilette items.  I’ve trimmed the tops off the boxes and stapled the sides to keep them from falling apart.  I’ve binder-clipped them to the box beside them to keep them from shuffling around in the drawer.  They are my second-hand organizational efforts to keep my drawers in order.  And the two empty ones are back-up, in case one falls apart or I find a use for another box.

Sure they are.

I think I might have hit the point where I’m keeping them because I like keeping them.  Because if I didn’t have a use for the last box 130 tissues ago, I’m pretty sure I’m not going to need a second empty one.

Just like the empty CD spool is going to have some use eventually.

I think it’s time to go through my drawers and do some purging.


  1. I never even considered keeping an empty Kleenex box. Now I will see them as somewhat useful when I finish the Kleenex and will have to think twice before throwing them in the garbage!

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