Yesterday’s news

Our internet went out last night so I couldn’t post about my day.  So you don’t get the picture that I downloaded onto my netbook last night, but maybe I’ll post it later this week.

Yesterday was really a lot of fun.  We got up and went to church, which was good.  And “good” isn’t really the right word.  But “powerful” isn’t the right word either.  “Compelling” is closer, but still just not right.  So we’re just going to stick with “good” and hope that you all kind of understand what I’m talking about.

After church, we rushed home so I could head up to Beaufort.  At the Halloween party at our house (that I still haven’t written about, have I?), we met two girls who live in Beaufort.  The three of us got along really well, so we emailed back and forth and set up a time to hang out.  Unfortunately, one of them wasn’t feeling well, but the other one and I went to Hunting Island and hiked along the beach for a couple hours.  Well, we hiked along the beach until we ran out of beach, and then we stuck to hiking trails back to the car.  The picture I was going to put up was to show the amount of erosion that’s happening on the island.  They used to have beach-side cabins along one end of the island, but now one of the cabins is gone completely, another one is out in the middle of the water, and a couple others are falling apart because the water is washing out the foundations.  So we hit the island at high tide, which was beautiful and interesting to see how far the water was coming up the shore.  But made for difficult beach-walking when there wasn’t any beach to be seen.

Anyway, we went out to the island and then went back to their apartment and chatted for about an hour before I had to head home.  All in all, I had a FANTASTIC time.  My legs and feet were sore from the walking and I broke out in hives from their cat when I got home, but sitting and chatting with these ladies about games and anime and Ren Faires and other randomness was probably the most fun I’ve had with people in many years.  I had so much fun!

And then I came home and finished up the Jim ‘n’ Nicks with Justin and was playing a game with the guys when the internet died.  So we finished folding the laundry, Justin told me my face was red and puffy (which explained the itching), so I showered and took an allergy pill, and then I sat around organizing the folders on my netbook for a while before curling up with a book.  And then I went to bed and slept like the dead because of the stupid allergy pill.

And that brings us up to this morning!  Another Monday.  And I’m so looking forward to next week’s long weekend.  And according to my Excel formula, I only have 22 days between now and the end of the year, and 4 of those are Fridays.  Bring on the holiday vacation!


    1. Yes, but I didn’t even touch the cat. It, naturally, clued in on this and rubbed up on my pants. We sat in the room where the cat didn’t usually go, but the cat followed us all in there because “Hey! All the people are in here! Including the new girl who won’t pet me yet, so I have to keep working on her.”

      I came home and changed clothes right away, but I didn’t shower until later. I think if I had come home and showered and used my neti pot right away, I probably would have been just fine. 🙂

      Love you, too, Mom!!

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