Saturday cleaning

It sounds like today was a productive day for most of us today.

Justin and I spent most of it cleaning.  Well, we slept in a solid length, got up, had Pillsbury Orange Rolls (that we only buy when they’re on sale and save for mornings that just need orange rolls), relaxed a little more to let the rolls settle, and THEN we cleaned.

But ooooooh, did we clean.

We’re of the “divide and conquer” style of cleaning — Justin takes the upstairs and I take the downstairs, usually.  So he makes the bed, picks up laundry, cleans the bathrooms; and I clean the kitchen and take care of the living room and dining room.  So, today, I loaded the dishwasher, washed the larger items by hand, and got the next load of dirty dishes ready to go into the dishwasher once that load was emptied.  I put things back in their place in the cupboards.  I oiled the stainless steal fronts of the appliances.  I organized the pantry (oh, it was getting so bad!).  I watered the plants.

Justin started the laundry.  He fixed the window on his side of the bed so it doesn’t close on it’s own any more.  He washed the windowsills.  He scrubbed the heck out of the toilet, getting it cleaner than it’s been in a very long time.  He pulled a clump of hair out of my shower drain that was the size of a rat.  (It was disgusting.  I nearly puked.)  He fixed his towel rod so it doesn’t come out of the wall anymore.

I took down the last of our Halloween decorations.  I got the coat closet organized so the scarves and mittens are back up front and the picnic packs are in the back.   I tried to figure out if the lamp hiding behind the fake plant in the living room was broken for reals or just in need of a fresh lightbulb and a shade.  (I think it needs a new switch kit.)  I helped Justin find the roto-router in the attic.

And then we vacuumed the floors, shook the rugs, put everything back in it’s place, and showered.  And the house is so clean!  I probably should have dusted more than I did, but it wasn’t about the dusting today.  It was more about scrubbing things that needed scrubbing — like toilets — and organizing things that needed organizing — like pantries.  I think Justin did a much better job about the whole thing that I did.  He did amazing things in that bathroom that I just don’t have the stomach to handle.

Anyway, we showered and collapsed for a while.  I sat on the bed folding laundry and watching TV for a little bit.  (Thinking of, actually, I think there’s more laundry in the dryer. . . .)  And then we treated ourselves out to take out from Jim ‘n’ Nicks because we’ve both been jonesing for it.  We got smoked bbq turkey and nachoes and a baked potato and, of course, their famous cheese biscuits.  Oh, and mac and cheese that is mouth-wateringly good.  I don’t know how they did it, but it’s amazing.

So we sat and ate delicious food while watching Stargate Atlantis and now we’ve been sitting at our computers for a little while just poking at the internet.  I should go to bed soon.  In my amazingly clean bedroom with windows that were both open this afternoon and not falling down or being propped up with a book.  And windows that got firmly shut when the temperature in the house started dipping below 65

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