Happy Birthday, Nathan!

Another short post.  Yesterday, I just really didn’t feel like talking to anyone.  And I was going to log on and just say “I don’t feel like talking” but I couldn’t even type it.

Today, I had low-level anxiety about everything and nothing at all and it was so frustrating because it made no sense.  I made it until 4:00 and then the headache that had lingered all day started pounding and I went home and curled up in bed for a couple hours.

But I felt better after my nap and I finished the bizarre movie I started yesterday (Ink — it was actually quite good, but definitely bizarre (and the first few words are the F-bomb shouted really loud, so that was surprising, but it wasn’t a recurring thing)), ate dinner with Justin, watched NCIS, and had a really wonderful conversation with Nathan when I called to wish him a happy birthday.  And I made a surprisingly yummy dessert.

So apparently food pictures are the theme lately, but I didn’t take any photos.  I’ll tell you all about it through, and then I’m going to bed.

I took 2 apples, pealed, cored, and sliced (thin slices that I cut in half again) and two little 2-cup Pyrex bowls.  And then I followed the Apple Pie by Grandma Ople recipe from AllRecipes.com, cut down for 2 apples.  So I melted 2 tablespoons of sweet, unsalted butter in a pan, added 2 1/2 tablespoons of flour to that to make a paste, and then added 1 tablespoon of water, 2 tablespoons of white sugar, 2 packed tablespoons of brown sugar, and a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg.  I brought it to a boil, and then let it simmer while I took a package of Pillsbury crescent rolls and put them in the Pyrex bowls so the wide side of the triangle was at the bottom and the thin points folded over the side of the bowl like a flower.   I then put the apples in the crusts and, while the recipe says to pour the melted sugar mix over the lattice of the crust, I wasn’t sure that would work for rolls, so I spooned it right onto the apples and folded the crust over top.

The rolls say to cook them for, I think, 15 minutes at 350, so when I checked them at that time, the top of the pie-puffs were nice and brown, but I could see that the parts in the bowl were still not cooked.  So I put foil over the tops and let them cook for probably another 15 minutes.  I forget how long it was.  I just kept looking until the rolls inside the bowls were nice golden brown — putting the foil on top was definitely a good idea because they wouldn’t have gotten much too dark otherwise.  I took them out, gave them a poke to make sure the apples were done, and let them cool.  They were totally cool by the time we were ready to eat them, but a quick nuke took care of that.  We actually cut one in half, put the halves in bowls with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream, and ate it that way, just because we weren’t sure if the roll was going to work.  Also, because they’re huge.  (Still, can you guess who’s not on her diet?)

It was surprisingly good!  And not terribly difficult to put together.  I was surprised about melting the ingredients together on the stove, but it was really, really good.  I used my Pampered Chef spatula that resists heat and it worked excellently for that.  The Pyrex bowls were the prefect size, and obviously oven safe.  And while it just didn’t seem like crescent rolls were going to be the right choice for the crusts, they worked out really well.

So there you go!

Happy birthday, Nathan!