Yesterday was definitely the most relaxed day I’ve had all week.  I was able to focus on one project and get that one project done nearly to completion.  This is a huge change from Tuesday when I had three different projects that I was flipping between all day long.  I had a lot of ground to make up with the project yesterday, so I wasn’t just taking it easy all day, but it was easier on my brain to only have to keep one thing straight.

Justin had company over in the afternoon who we thought might stay for dinner, but he had to leave before I even left work.  So instead of the entertaining I thought we’d be doing all evening, I was able to just sit on my butt and read.  And have dinner with Justin.  And read until I finished my book.  And then fold the laundry that’s been wrinkling in the basket all week (towels and t-shirts, so who cares if they’re wrinkled?).  And then go to bed.

Today’s been successful so far.  I finished the project that I was working on yesterday.  I finished my part of the project we’re also trying to finish today.  I’ve started on my next project.  All in all, it’s been a productive day.  This whole week has been productive.  I’ve submitted four completed documents, kept the fifth up to date with the data, and started a sixth, as well as keeping up with what everybody else needed me to do.

I already put in my 40 hours this week, so every minute I was at work today I was getting paid overtime.  The money will be nice, but sleeping in would have been nice, too.  I guess that’ll just have to happen tomorrow.

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  1. Good. I was hoping you were getting overtime. Salaried pay is overrated. It just means you work and work for no extra! I like being hourly. Glad your week was productive and I hope you have a very relaxing weekend.


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