Free! Lancing!

Okay, so one of the work things going on that I couldn’t talk about yesterday is this:  Justin is going freelance!

After dealing with inter-personal issues at his workplace for many, many months, he’s taken the plunge and is going to work for himself!  He went in this morning and told them that he was leaving and it has been an EXCITING and SCARY thing all at the same time.  We’re very excited about the opportunity for him to step out and open his own business.  And we’re also scared about the whole idea that there might not be anything underfoot when he steps out.  But we’re trusting that it’s going to work out!  We have plans!  Plus, Justin had a really great meeting this afternoon with a business who is going to use him as their contracted web designer (and pay him two times as much!).  And there are a few other balls that we’re trying to catch, too, but I’ll stay mum on those until we actually hear more from them.

Anyway!  I couldn’t write about it before, for obvious reasons, but now you know!  It’s kind of scary!  But Justin’s learned a lot in the two years and some that he’s been working there and we’re excited about seeing how well we can handle this on our own!

Pray for us!  We could really use it!  🙂

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  1. Congratulations! How exciting it is to make a move like that, particularly after you have been planning it for a while. I’ll pray that all goes well

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