Check out my idea!

I honestly had a post going about news lately, but I was doing it at lunch and got distracted by other things.  Instead, I’ve got to show you this thing I thought of while making my salad for lunch tomorrow!


This is a cookie sheet!  It fits perfectly over the sink of our place.  I had it out because I made bread out of the over-ripe pears yesterday and when I washed the romaine it was so easy to just set it on there and let it dry for a bit while I went to cut cucumber.

It worked so well!  The water dripped right through and didn’t spill over the counter like it would normally with our cutting board.  And once I came back to cut the romaine, I just cut it on the cookie sheet, too.  The water kept running on through the mesh instead of all over my counter!

Plus, when I wanted to drop things into the sink, it was just a little ways to reach, and I could see everything that was underneath.  So when I dropped my knife that I’d used for the cucumber, I didn’t have to go groping around blindly–I could see exactly where it had gone.

Anyway, I thought it was a fantastic idea and I just had to share it.  I’ll have more to say soon.