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The thing with my car is still going on.  I got a letter from TWWTT’s insurance agency on Monday last week saying that they’d received word of the claim and had been trying to get a hold of me, which was ridiculous because I hadn’t heard one word from them before then.  But I called the number on the letter and left a message on the machine of a gentleman who was out on vacation until today, but whose voicemail assured me that one of his associates would call me back within 4 business hours.  If I didn’t hear back within that time, I should call his manager, and then he listed that phone number.

Tuesday, didn’t hear one word.  No messages left on my work phone while I was in meetings, no messages left on my cell phone.  When I got off work, I called the manager’s phone number and left a message saying that I was still waiting to hear back on the message I’d left the previous day.

Wednesday, I got a call.  On my cell phone.  Which doesn’t get service when I’m in my office and I said so expressly in all my messages.  So I called back and said “please call my work phone number,” gave that number again, and went back to waiting.  By the time I left, I still hadn’t received a call back.  So I called again, left another message on the phone of the gentleman who had called me back.  And another one on the phone for the manager.

Thursday, I finally spoke with someone.  He left a message on both of my phones when I was away from my desk, and when I went out to call him back, and actually hung up before I though it had gone through because I hadn’t checked my messages yet, he called me right back.  He apologized for the delay because they’re unusually short-staffed at the moment, and then asked me a couple of questions and recorded my statement for their files.  His interview wasn’t nearly as thorough as the one from my insurance company, but it was still good to have my side of the story taken down.

At the end, he said that they’d be sending someone out to look at my car and do that whole thing.  I mentioned that I’d encountered a man on the 13th who’d taken pictures already, but apparently it wasn’t in the file, so they had to do it again.  He told me that the person would call me before they came, but when I got out to my car after work, there was a piece of paper under my wipers from the insurance company, details about the damage and how much it would cost to fix it.  I was a little irritated that they didn’t call me to let me know, but impressed at their speed for that one aspect.  I mean, it took me 3½ days to get a hold of someone to take my statement, but it took them less than 4 hours to get someone to look at my car.

Still, it took less than 6 hours for my insurance to get the claim and have someone take my statement.  I took less than 24 hours after that to get someone to take photos of my car.  Everything with my own insurance was taken care of within 2 days of them getting the claim.  It took me 3 days to even speak with someone from her insurance once I got the letter from them, which was 5 days after I was called out to the parking lot.

So, quick recap of the timeline.

She notices the dent on the 6th.

Six days later, on Wednesday the 12th, I get called out to the parking lot to tell everybody that I ran into my mailbox.  Twice.

The next day, the 13th, I talk with people from my insurance (local rep, claims office, and a message from an inspector (who Justin called because my phone was dead)), a random guy from her insurance, security, the police, and HR.

Friday the 14th, I meet with a woman from my insurance who takes pictures of my car and my mailbox.  Everything I can do for my company is complete.  (Total time since being called out to the parking lot:  less than 55 hours.)

On Monday, the 17th, I get a letter from her insurance and leave a message. 

Tuesday, I leave another message. 

Wednesday, I finally get a call, call him back, leave a message, and don’t hear another word.

Thursday the 20th, I finally speak with someone and then they send someone out to take pictures of my car.  And now I’m finally done with everything for her insurance company.  (Total time since being called out to the parking lot:  8 days.)

I have to say, I’m pleased with my insurance company at the moment.  And kind of disgusted with hers.  But I’m still waiting to hear about the final decision and I am way past ready for this whole thing to be finished.

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