Justin’s family is arriving in town on Thursday.  His mom, step-dad, grandma, and mom’s dog (that she bought last time she was here) will all be flying in.  They’re going to help Justin’s sister close up her dorm for the summer break and put things into storage.  And then they’ll all be staying at our house for the following 11 days.

If you don’t hear from me, it’s because I’m waiting in line to get into the shower.  Six people.  One shower.

I don’t really know what their plans are while they’re in town.  There will be some time spent at the beach and some time doing the normal touristy things like bus tours and shopping.  There will be lots of time laying out by the pool.  But I don’t really know anything about what’s going on yet. All I really know is that they’re arriving sometime on Thursday.

So we spent several hours cleaning the house yesterday and we’ll be doing more of that over the next couple days.  Not that our house is terribly messy, but because it gives us the opportunity to go over everything and make sure it’s all dusted and cleaned out.  We had bedding that had been sitting in Justin’s office waiting to get bundled into vacuumed space-saver bags and into the antique trunk we bought.  So we took care of all that and now we have easy access to a complete bedding set for the sofa bed – complete with mattress pad, sheets, blanket, comforter, and pillow.  And a secondary set for the air mattress.

Justin moved the sofa, vacuumed under it, and put it all back together with the rug back in the right place and the whole thing lined up with the TV armoire.  He vacuumed the dust off fans.  I dusted everything below that.  We put the extra leaf in the dining room table so we can actually seat 6 people at the table.  Earlier, while he was helping do set-up at church, I pulled all the weeds from the front garden.

Tonight, he’ll tackle the bathrooms and I’ll take care of the kitchen, scrubbing everything down and getting things a little more organized.

I think a lot of what we’re doing is really just for us.  Will anyone other than me notice that I dusted all the games?  No one’s going to see the bedding that we packed up and organized.  And no matter how well I organize the kitchen cabinets, they’re going to be completely different by the end of next weekend after three different people put the dishes away.   But it feels nice after it’s cleaned.  It doesn’t even look all that different, but the fact that we’ve touched every single surface in that room, from the ceiling down to the floors, makes it feel clean.  It feels soft and inviting.  And I can’t wait to get the rest of the house as clean as the living room and dining room are right now.