This bug is crazy nasty in the middle of the night.

For the last week and half or so that Justin’s been fighting it, mostly he’s just had the usual business–sitting in the bathroom for hours at a time before coming back to bed for couple minutes of sleep.  But once (twice?) he came back to bed and had uncontrollable shakes for a long time.

Last night, I got up to do the usual business and sat in there for a while.  And then my stomach lurched and gave a big growl and I felt sure I was going to vomit.  So I got up, washed my hands, pulled my hair back in a band (planning ahead, see?), and went to go sit in front of the toilet to wait.  When I washed my hands, I noticed that I was very pale, and when I sat down on the floor, I really didn’t feel well at all.  Everything hurt, especially my stomach, but I couldn’t tell if I should stay where I was, or sit back down on the toilet again and deal with problems from the other end.  (I’m really trying to write about this delicately….)

And then I started to get really cold and woozy and I tried to yell “Help!  Help!” to Justin in the other room because I knew that something just wasn’t right.  But I couldn’t yell loud enough.  And I remember thinking that maybe I’d feel better if was laying down.

And then Justin came running into the bathroom asking “What are you doing?”  And I thought, “I’m being sick in the bathroom, what else?”  And then, “Why am I on the floor?”  I was completely flat on my back on the floor of the bathroom and had no recollection of how I got there.  I started telling Justin what had happened and asked if he knew why I was on the floor.  He said he was sleeping when he heard this undulating “Whaaaoooogh!” scream from the bathroom and then a *thump* as I hit the floor.

So apparently I fainted for the first time in my life.  I’m glad I was already sitting on the floor when it happened because I hit the door of the bathroom with my head and that really could have hurt more than it did.  As it was, my ears were buzzing for a while but I don’t have a lump on my noggin.

We sat there for a while, Justin holding my hand while I lay on the floor.  And then we sat me up and saw how I handled that.  Not too bad, but I stayed there fora while.  We eventually tried to stand me up, but I had to sit back down again because I got dizzy and nauseated again.  Really nauseated.  I think we tried it three times before we just made a quick lurch to the bed so I could lay down there with a bucket next to my head in case I needed it.

I haven’t needed it, but ugh.  My whole digestive track, from the bottom of my esophagus and all the rest of the way, is not happy.  Even my teeth hurt, though that may have been from hitting the floor.  That’s probably where the headache is from, too, though that may be from dehydration, too.

So the whole point of this post is to say, “Holy crap!  I fainted!”  and also that I really don’t feel very good.  I am feeling better this morning than I did last night.  But I didn’t feel badly before I went to bed, either.   There’s just no making sense of this bug.  It’s just nasty.