Love and War {in marriage}

Okay, so I mentioned ages ago to Mom and a couple other people that my church is doing a great sermon series about, if you didn’t catch it in the title, MARRIAGE.  🙂  It’s been really great and I wanted to share it with the rest of you!

So, hopefully this link will work.  I’ll post this and then check it and then I’ll know.  But here’s the link:  CLICKY.

And it looks like they’re off by a week because I was hoping to listen to the one I missed on Sunday (Justin was sick and I was “helping” by staying home and sleeping, too).  But they’ve got 3 of the sermons up for listening:  “Introduction,” “Compromise,” and “Communication.”  I just listened through “Communication” again and I’ll have to go back and listen to the other ones sometime again, too.  But while it’s all fresh, let me help clarify a few things that Pastor Michael mentions in the sermon.

He’s been using videos from “Everybody Love’s Raymond” for examples, which aren’t on the podcast because of copyright laws.  And I can’t find a copy of it on youTube, either.  But if you can find a copy of Season 4 Episode 3, the “Can Opener” episode, it’s in the middle of that.

He mentioned Jim & Nick’s and that’s a is a barbecue restaurant and if you ever come to visit us, we will take you there because it is AMAZING.  Delicious ribs.  Amazing nachos.  I’m drooling over here….

This is what he puts up on the screen at the end of the sermon:

  • Timing is everything
    • Ecc. 3:1,7
  • Think before you speak
    • Proverbs 16:23, Proverbs 15:23
  • Don’t send mixed messages
    • Matt 5:27
  • Listen, listen, listen
    • Proverbs 18:13
  • Encourage
    • Eph 4:29

If I find time in the next couple days, I’ll try to go back and listen to the others, too, and give some notes on those, too.

Anyway, give them a listen!  They’re good!


  1. Sounds interesting. Nathan and I have found the the surest way to make sure we get into a good fight is to start reading a book on marriage! 🙂

  2. Don and I have found the surest way to get into a fight is to have a talk (about anything) Is something wrong here???

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