My afternoon project

Hi!  I wanted to show you what I’ve been working on!

I've been baking!

My church is doing a ministry this month with Kairos Prison Ministry. We’re making cookies to give to the inmates.

Kairos Cookies

See?  They do cookies.  And hey!  I love to make cookies!  So I’m making a double batch of the easiest recipe for peanut butter cookies I could find.  There isn’t even any flour.  It’s just peanut butter, sugar, and eggs, really.  But OH.  GOOD.

Delicious cookie

I think I’m going to have about 5 dozen of these to send to the prison.

Wrapped up and ready to go

And I’ve only eaten . . . 3 of them.  But I’m on the 4th one of these:

20 oz each time

Edited to add:  Erica asked a question about the water bottle.

Close of the front
Pop the top
From the inside

No filter.  I got it at Target for $10, I think.  The metal ring around the top of the gray button on the front locks it shut so I can toss it into my purse and it won’t pop open.  There’s a seal along the top of the spout that holds the water in, too.  And there’s a ring that counts up to 6 so I can keep track of how many times I’ve filled it today.  I *love* it.  It’s the perfect size to get in and wash it with my sponge, too.  Dishwasher safe.  I’ve smacked it around a few times, too, and it’s got a few dents on the clear plastic top, but it hasn’t broken yet.  I.  Love.  It.  🙂


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