My hair makes me laugh

My hair does this thing, usually when it’s humid out or I’ve been working out or something.

My hair
Can you see it?
See it now?
Here, I'll point at it.

It curls!  In tight little ringlets!  And you only see two here, but trust me, on a “good” day, my whole head is full of those things.

It makes me laugh.  🙂


    1. I end up looking like a complete friz-ball! My hair is usually tied back because I’m hot or working hard, and then I get these curls of hair popping out like a halo all around my head.

  1. Yeah, I’m jealous, too. I never get the hint of a curl. Straight, straight, straight.


  2. Haha! I think the defiant ringlets are so funny! I’m thinking the same thing might happen to Chloe’s hair, so we’ll see as the weather warms up… 🙂

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