Happenings the last few days

Erica gave her fabulous recap of her contest weekend (congratulations, Mae-Mae!) so I figured I should get on here and write about what’s been going on over here.

Justin’s mom (Wendy) landed in town on Thursday and she and Jessi (Justin’s sister) have been busy bees working on getting her room cleaned up and laundry washed and everything reset for the next quarter.  Friday, I worked from 7:30 until 7:00, trying to get a document finished after they changed the scope of the project on me and told me that I might need to send out the completed product early Monday morning.  It wasn’t a fun day.  I wasn’t finished by the time I left, but I couldn’t stand being at work for any longer.

Saturday morning, Jessi, Wendy, and I got up and did yoga together before we all went to Charleston for the day.  We got a later start than anticipated, so we didn’t get into town until 1:00.  We walked around Water Front Park for a while (I’ll have to post pictures later) before heading to a restaurant for lunch.

After lunch, we went back to the car to drive to a Bichon Frise breeder’s home.  The breeder had four puppies and Wendy got to choose which one she was going to buy.  So we all got to play with puppies for an hour or two while she tried to make up her mind and take care of paperwork and everything that’s involved in buying a show-quality puppy.  And then we drove home with a brand new puppy.  (Again, I’ll have to post pictures later.)

We’ve been learning how to puppy-proof our house.  And our floors have never seen so much Windex.  Justin and I are absolutely not ready for a puppy yet.

Sunday morning was church and the afternoon was rest and the evening was Bible study.

Monday morning I got up at 5:00 so I could be to work at 6:30 and finish up the project I didn’t finish on Friday.  So it felt like I got up at 4.  Got to work at 5:30.  Monday morning was terrible.  But I got my project pretty much finished by noon, got the front page signed by 3:00, and got it out for review around 4.  I still haven’t heard anything about needing to send it anywhere, but it could still happen.

Last night, I took Jessi to Zumba class with me.

St. Patrick’s Day is tomorrow, so downtown Savannah is going to be a madhouse.  Wendy and Jessi are going into town today and staying until Thursday so they can go to the parade and be a part of the festivities.  Justin and I are working and that’s fine because we don’t much like the crowds anyway.

And that’s pretty much what’s going on!  I’ll try to get back here tonight and put up some pictures from Saturday.  I don’t think I have any good ones of the puppy (he doesn’t have a name yet—I like “Jasper”) but that might have to wait until Thursday or Friday since they’ll take him to Savannah with them this afternoon.

And maybe tomorrow I’ll give an update on my weight-loss progress, if I can use the scale at the chiropractor’s office tonight.  I don’t trust my scale at home.

Can you tell I’m tired and just not really “with it” today?  Ugh.  So tired.  Tomorrow will be better.

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  1. Thanks for the recap! I’m so sorry I wasn’t able to call you back this weekend. I thought I might have time in the evenings, but things ran later than I had expected. I’m so excited to see pictures of a puppy–cuteness!

  2. Sorry I didn’t realize it was a 2-day thing! Don’t know how I managed to fail at that.

    Of course, I was also going to call Mom, and then realized that she was out of town visiting Grandmas over the weekend.

    I fail and phoning people on good weekends. 🙂

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