30 things to do before I’m 31

I’m still enjoying these lists of things to do before my next birthday.  I’m still working on things from the last couple years, but having it on a list helps me remember it and keep trying to get there.

So, that said, here’s my list for this coming year:

30 things to do before I’m 31

1. Get a dog
2. Steam clean the carpets
3. Organize my photos better
4. Make the back porch a nicer place to sit
5. Put together our wedding album
6. Read one book per month

7. End the year weighing less than I did when I started it (I’m getting smarter!)
8. Learn how to braid my own hair
9. Don’t get pregnant

10. Talk/email Mom at least once a week, preferably more
11. Talk/email Dad at least once a month, preferably more
12. See family for Thanksgiving (maybe?)
13. See family for Christmas
14. Write letters to grandmas

15. Explore a brown sign, museum, park, or cemetary each month
16. Go to the Barnett family reunion
17. Go to Luke and Krista’s wedding
18. Go to the Biltmore in Asheville, NC
19. Go to the place with the turtles
20. Go to the Ren Faire
21. Go for a walk on the beach at sunrise

22. Make significant progress on the car loan
23. Save up money for a new TV
24. Save up money for that chaise lounge
25. Save up money for a new camera
26. Save up money for the bedroom remodel (new mattress, armoire, matching bed-tables, new bedding, matching valences, blanket rack, trunk at the foot, new TV)

27. Finish my estate book and example
28. Finish my hurricane evacuation plan
29. Stop having breakfast at work
30. Go to the department Christmas party


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