Operation Crazy Owl – reboot

I fell off the gosh-awful early in the morning exercising bandwagon.  Vacations, you know?  You don’t have to get up early in the morning because you’ve got all day free, and then you stay up too late because you got up so late, and it’s impossible to get up early the next morning, even if you wanted to, but you don’t.

I started back to work last week and I should have been back at it, but I just couldn’t pull myself into doing it.  I did it once, on Tuesday or Wednesday, and there were so many people there at 5:00 AM that it was ridiculous.  New Year’s Resolutioners.  And it wasn’t as enjoyable as it had been the last time, and I was just so terribly tired.

But I felt miserable about it all week.  I never managed to drag myself to the gym at any other time of the day, and I just felt more and more heavy.  I don’t want to be this heavy and flabby and out of shape.  And the only way that’s really going to change is by getting my bottom into the gym.

So I’m back at it again today.  I put together my lunch and my outfit last night before climbing into bed at a reasonable hour.  And I only hit my alarm two times this morning before flopping out of bed and pulling on my gym clothes.  And then I went and lifted weights and worked on the elliptical for a while.  It didn’t feel very good.  The weights were really heavy and my muscles weren’t ready for that kind of work and now I just want to lay my head down on my desk and nap for a little while.  I’m tired.

But I know it’s a good step.  I drank 20 oz of water before leaving for work, I’ve eaten my oatmeal with milled flaxseed, and I’m trying to make good choices today.

And tonight I’ll put together my lunch and outfit and go to bed earlier than I did last night, and I’ll get up tomorrow and do this again.


  1. Yay for “just doing it!” I also had a hard time getting myself to exercise again after the “vacation”… I finally did it today though! And I’m sure I’ll be sore tomorrow, but it a good kind of sore, right? 🙂

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