Today is Wednesday.

Justin is sick.  He had a doctor’s appointment yesterday.  Just a regular check-up, though he hasn’t been feeling great.  He’s had a cold since about half-way through our visit up north and it’s been very slowly working it course through his system.  But his doctor had him get the H1N1 vaccine while he was at the clinic yesterday.  And now he has the flu.

Did anyone else see that coming?

Now would be the appropriate time to start betting on whether or not I’m going to catch H1N1 from him.  I’m starting to feel a little achy, but I’ve got an immune system like a tank.  So there’s a chance I’ll catch it.  But there’s also a chance that my white blood cells will roll over any invading forces like a humvee over rubber duckies.  It could go either way.

Place your bets!

I’m looking forward to Friday.  I’m not planning on doing anything in particular, but just being done with work for the week is going to be a treat.  Plus, everybody keeps hoping it’s going to snow.  We’re expecting rain and temperatures between 27 – 38 degrees.  It’s great!  I hope we get flurries.  I’ll drive to the store and watch all the southerners grab up all the milk, bread, and Pop-Tarts.  And the kids will try to go sledding on anything more than half an inch deep.  And people will drive 5 miles an hour and still end up in the ditch.

You know?  I think I’ll stay home.  Those people are crazy!

I’ll stay home and curl up in a window where I can look out at the weather.  And I’ll read books and write thank you notes and take care of Justin, who I can guarantee will still be sick.  And we’ll know by then if I’m going to get sick, too.  I’ll put on my warm socks and an oversized shirt and listen to music.  It sounds wonderful.  Can tomorrow be Friday instead of Thursday?  That’d be great.  I can’t think of anything special about tomorrow, so we can just skip it, m’kay?