I’m still cheerful!

Yesterday made a solid grab at trying to make me a less happy person.

I got up to exercise, even though I was really stupidly tired.  But I went, did my weights, waved at my personal trainer friend, and drove home.  And a deer nearly changed my whole day when it ran right out in front of me.  He wasn’t too big, probably a two-pointer.  But I was not happy to see him and he was not happy to see me and my tires were not happy to suddenly be screaming against the asphalt of the road.  Thankfully, the buck was a swift little guy and moved out of my way in time.  My poor little blue car just wouldn’t have handled that encounter very well.

I got home, I went to work, I got completely covered up in projects.  I’ve had four projects in the work since the beginning of the month, but haven’t been able to make any progress on them – not because of my fault but because they just weren’t ready yet.  Now that it’s the last week of the year, now that I’ve got two to three hour meetings every day until the end of the year, now I can make some progress.  So I worked as quickly as I could until 11:00, when I had a meeting that lasted until 1:00.  And then I had a 1:00 meeting that lasted until 2:00.  And then I had to request some supplies from one of the admins in the area and that took another 30 minutes.  I finally got back to my desk at 2:30.

By that time, the headache that had started sometime during the 11:00 meeting had decided to have a party.  I took some Advil, but my head was still pounding and lights were too bright and any and all noises made my head pound even more.  It hurt.  It hurt a lot.  I almost started crying when someone came into my cubical and started talking about something he needed because it just hurt so badly.  And I had to keep on working because I just don’t have time!  The Advil did eventually kick in and the pounding dulled down to a knocking, but I still wasn’t feeling great.

When I made it home, I sat in the bedroom in the dark for a while.  Justin brought me some more Advil and I just lay there, enjoying the quiet.  And that’s pretty much how the rest of the evening went – sitting quietly in dimmed lights.  And then Castle was a rerun again.

But I will not be daunted!  It’s the Christmas season and I will be a happy person!  I got up this morning and hit the elliptical for a solid 45 minutes and I can still feel the burn.  The meeting today was really productive.  I’m listening to music on my music box and I’ve got very clear direction on where I need to be going with my afternoon.  And I’ve got about 25 hours to log at the office before I’m done for the year!  It’s a good time of year!

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