Operation Crazy Owl: Day 2

Well, I made it to the gym again this morning.  Yeah, me!  Oy, but I’m tired and sore.

I’m trying to think about what I really want to write about here.  I have lots of thoughts about how the workouts are going and my thoughts about heart rate and the advantages of going to the gym so early.  But I’m afraid it’s something that would only interest me.  I have a journal where I’ve been writing notes like that, so I might just take it over there.  But I know that a lot of you actually are interested in this, at least a little, so I’m trying to find a balanced middle.

You asked about what you could do to help encourage me.  I’ve been trying to think of what would be the best ways to do that.  So far I’ve only got two things.

  • I would really love to get some good recipes.  I’m looking for new meals that involve less carbs and more fresh veggies and I’d love some recommendations.
  • When we chat, ask how my work-out went.  Don’t ask *if* I went, but ask *how* it went.  If I didn’t go, I’ll tell you that and why, but I’d rather start with the assumption that I’m going rather than the assumption that I’m not.

I do have a whole other list, though, mostly of things that I wish people wouldn’t do.  I wrote it last night while I was thinking about the whole thing, but I want to put it up as a separate post.  And because I want you all to read this post first, before reading that one, I’ll wait until tomorrow before I post it.

I want you all to read this one before reading that one because I want to make sure that you know that I’m not trying to upset anyone.  I’m not trying to get down on anyone or make you feel bad.  I’m just addressing things that I wish people would consider, things that have been frustrating and discouraging to me.  Things that I doubt other people even realize have that effect on me.  And I know that I’m sensitive about this, so I apologize in advance if something I write comes across as being really thin-skinned.  But maybe they’re things that you’ve thought about, too.  And maybe my mentioning them will make you think a little bit.  And maybe they’ll just come across as so obvious that you’ll wonder why I felt the need to bring them up at all.  Either way, I wanted to preface that post by letting you all know that I’m not pegging anyone.  I’m just venting a little.

And now I’m going to make you wait until tomorrow before you get to see what I’m even talking about.  I’m so mean!!  🙂

I’m going to the gym again tomorrow morning.  In the future, I’ll tend to go to the gym Friday afternoons instead of in the morning, since I don’t work in the afternoon.  But we’re heading out of town sometime tomorrow afternoon to spend time with family near Orlando.  I’m still not totally clear on what we’re doing.  But I know we’re going!  It should be fun.  But if I don’t answer my phone, that’s the reason right there.  We’ll be driving back on Sunday so Justin and I can go to work on Monday morning.

And that’s the plan!

I hope you’re all having a fantastic day!   I’m going to sit here and eat my soup and wait for my mother-in-law to call so I can go meet her at the airport.



  1. Oh, no, I just know I’m the one who posts the wrong things. I just can’t help it…

    Any way, you said you were having soup. Soup with a lot of vegetables, but not much else is really low cal, but can be really boring, so you can make it heartier by merely adding 1/2 cup of kidney beans to each serving. It doesn’t pump the overall calories up that much and it gives you fiber. Yeah, fiber!

    Here’s one I haven’t tried that Carole Morgan suggested You peel and cut up an apple into slices, sprinkle a wee bit of sugar on it (unless its a sweet apple anyway), then sprinkle on cinnamon, nutmeg, and (I think) ginger, and put it in the microwave until it’s soft. Just like a crustless apple pie, but with very few calories.

    Finally, there are some hamburger buns out there now that are low cal and absolutely delicious. I don’t remember the brand, but just look for them. They are like 80 calories for the whole bun and it is a regular sized bun and tastes like a regular bun!

    Go, girl!!

  2. I really don’t understand why when I say “I’m not pointing anyone out or saying you do these things” everyone things that it’s about them . . . . 🙂

    I’ve done that apple one before! It’s VERY good. But I’ll have to think about that beans one. I try to avoid too many beans because they seem to be so high in sodium. I really like black beans, though. So I’ll be doing some research there for sure!

    Thanks, Mom!

  3. If you read the can, it says beans are high in sodium, but if you drain them and rinse them, you get rid of most of the sodium. Also, you can get low sodium kidney beans at Walmart for the same price as regular ones.


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