Maybe I shouldn’t write while not feeling well . . .

I stayed home from work today because my wonderfully loving husband shared his cold with me.  He’s a wonderful man.  And he was completely supportive of me staying home and watching TV all day even though he had to go to work when he was dealing with this thing.  But it’s a nasty cold, ya’ll!  It’s one of those that completely stops up your nose and then you wake up in the middle of the night and realize that you’re snoring like a lumberjack because you absolutely cannot breathe through your nose.   And your body can’t decide if you’re hot or if you’re cold, so you wake up sweating and then sit there shivering a few hours later.

It’s been fun.  And we had to miss dinner with friends yesterday because we didn’t want to share this with them.  That wasn’t as much fun.

I was going somewhere with this . . . .

I am feeling much better now.  And I did manage to get some things accomplished.  I went to a chiropractic appointment and to the post office.  Yesterday I went through receipts and balanced the checkbook and cleaned my office.  And I’ve watched many, many hours of Numb3rs.  So the whole thing has balanced out.  And, like I said, I’m feeling much better now.

Not well enough to go to Zumba, but I’ll go next week.

Do you remember what I was doing last November?  I was doing that whole NaBloPoMo thing where I posted every single day.  I think it was November.  I’ll have to go check.  But you notice?  I’m not that crazy this year!  I’m not getting out of bed to go post something so I can have something every day.  I think it’s an improvement on my mental state.  There are enough other things.

My mother in law is arriving on Thursday.  My sister in law’s last day of school is Thursday or Friday, I’m not sure, and then we’re all going to Orlando for the weekend, to spend time with Justin’s ex-step-mom and her husband (that’s such a fun relationship to explain, but we *love* them).  So we’ll be there for the weekend and then Justin and I will come back up home because we have to work.  But his mom and sister will stay down there until Thanksgiving and then fly back to Vermont.

I swear, there was something else I was going to talk about.

This is the problem I’ve been having all weekend.  I’m not having much trouble talking or writing, the actual process of it.  But, gosh, if I don’t make any sense at all.  I left messages for my boss and manager guy and I’m pretty sure I rambled on for like a minute about how I wasn’t feeling well but that I was all caught up and if anything happened, a coworker could handle it for sure and I’d be in on Tuesday and I’m sorry I’m not feeling better and I’m going to go to bed now.  It’s a good thing I work with nice people.

We’re having a pot-luck lunch tomorrow for Thanksgiving, since people will be gone next week.  And then I have a lunch meeting on Wednesday about a newsletter that we’ve been completely failing to get out since before the furlough.  The furlough in JULY.  It’d probably go better if he’d just give it to me instead of saying that he’ll do it and putting it off more and more and more.  I’m a little irritated with him today, but that’s because of something else.  Actually, not it’s not.  It’s because he’s a poor planner and organizer and it’s what he’s supposed to be *doing* for the company and when he fails, he makes the program look bad and that frustrates me.

Anyway!  I just got a call from my handsome man and he’s picking up dinner from the grocery store after his very first chiropractic appointment and then coming home, so I’m going to wrap this up so I’m ready for him to get home so I can ask all about his appointment.

But I hope you’re all doing very well!  And not at all sick because it’s terrible, even if you do get to sit around in pajamas watching TV.

And Mom, I’ll see what I can do about the text when I’m feeling a little more . . . coherent.