Grace in Small Things (massive update)

I’ve been writing my Grace in Small Things into a notebook I’ve been carrying with me.  But I’ve collected quite a few and I wanted to post them on my website.   I’m putting them under the break because it’s about three weeks of entries and it made for a really, really long post on the front page here.


21 October (Wednesday)

  • I got to go to the gym again!  I’m so happy to be able to go!
  • Cinnamon Ritz crackers.  Light, crispy sweetness.
  • Numb3rs
  • Beautiful, beautiful weather.
  • Feeling productive at work.


22 October (Thursday)

  • More absolutely beautiful weather!
  • I’m wearing a skirt and tights and I love wearing skirts and tights.
  • Notebooks for everything!   A journal, a play, my weight stuff, and this.
  • Really, really great  . . . snuggles.
  • Take-out from Jim and Nick’s and curling up on chairs in Justin’s office to eat it and watch Bones.


23 October (Friday)

  • Music that makes me happy and want to move and dance and sing along, even though I’m at work!
  • I love that it’s Friday!
  • Baking bread to give to a family from church who had a baby
  • Really great workout at Torque
  • Hours of NCIS


24 October (Saturday)

  • Waking up to being held by my handsome man, very comfortable, in great light.
  • Yoga!  Hard, but oh, so good.
  • More homemade bread!
  • A beautiful day with no plans and no reason not to just watch TV and relax.
  • Finally putting our cookbook together right.


25 October (Sunday)

  • Chatting with people I know at church
  • Lunch at Atlanta Bread Company
  • Brand new black pumps for work and 8 pairs of socks with a lifetime warranty
  • Lounging through the afternoon
  • Pasta and Sanctuary with my hubby!


26 October (Monday)

  • A warm mug of tea in cold fingers
  • My new shoes are so pretty
  • Justin walked me to the door this morning instead of staying in bed sleeping.  I feel loved!
  • Zumba class was so much fun!
  • Dinner in bed with Justin, watching TV and seeing Nathan Fillian playing Richard Castle dressed up as Malcom Renolds.


27 October (Tuesday)

  • The body ache that reminds me that not only do I have the financial fluidity to afford a gym membership, but that I also have a body capable of doing physical exercise.  It also reminds me of how much fun I had last night.
  • Advil, when that ache gets too strong
  • Cloth napkins – tablecloth, spill-catcher, and coaster all in one.
  • Relaxing away the evening
  • Curling up to sleep with my husband


28 October (Wednesday)

  • Blue-grey clouds over pale yellow marsh grass interspersed with small trees and shrubs in the early morning dark.
  • Lean presentation success!  I might talk too fast, but apparently I’m engaging and fun to watch.
  • Sonic for lunch as a treat for a presentation done well.
  • Exercising goodness!  Working out the kinks from Monday.
  • My gnome took down 2 bad guys.  I totally one-shot one of them, too.  I am awesome!


29 October (Thursday)

  • Changing my macro to make it even better and easier to use.
  • Candy!  That I shouldn’t eat . . . .  But yummy!
  • Getting a 5.0 on our audit.
  • Surprise snuggles!
  • Exercising outside with Justin.


30 October (Friday)

  • Oatmeal staying warm even when I forget it in the microwave for several minutes.
  • Half a day at work!
  • Working out at the gym and walking with my husband.
  • Taking care of several conversations that needed to be done (bills, etc.)
  • Beautiful weather


31 October (Saturday)

  • Yoga
  • Lunch with Carl and Audrey (and an Elizabeth spotting)
  • Haircuts!
  • Test driving a car and deciding that we really like it.
  • Handing out chocolate to strange, yet adorable children.


1 November (Sunday)

  • Sleeping all morning because of not feeling well
  • Curling up in sun beams all afternoon
  • Hour upon hour of CSI
  • College girls who were quiet and let me be lazy
  • French bread and pudding for dinner.


2 November (Monday)

  • I finally finished that ICA.
  • Left over chocolate at work!
  • Instead of going to Zumba, I curled up in jammies and watched TV
  • Spaghetti and meatballs for dinner
  • Getting tucked into bed by my honey.


3 November (Tuesday)

  • We bought a new car!
  • And it didn’t bust the bank!
  • So we went out to dinner!
  • And stopped at the bookstore!
  • And picked up great literature!


4 November (Wednesday)

  • Justin’s tasks went easy and well to register his car and insure it and everything.
  • Yummy left-overs at lunch
  • Productive conversation about my Lean project.
  • Text messages from family and friends.
  • My gnome’s daily-power connected and I beat up a guy by using another bad guy.  So cool.


5 November (Thursday)

  • Black and white stripped socks and a white shawl making up for my lack of wardrobe and my PMS-ing grumpy mood.


6 November (Friday)

  • An air-condition repair man who didn’t make me uncomfortable and who gave the system a good washing and a clean bill of health and knocked down a wasps nest while he was at it.
  • Making a long list of tasks to accomplish
  • A good workout at Torque with more afterward raking the lawn.
  • And then another good workout walking with Justin, even through my shins kill me so much!
  • The neighbor boy helping me clean the solar lamps along the sidewalk.


7 November (Saturday)

  • Yoga
  • Yard work together
  • Making dinner rolls
  • Chatting with Dad
  • Driving to the Island for pizza and curling up in front of Sanctuary to eat it.


8 November (Sunday)

  • Sleeping in
  • Waking up to Atlanta Bread chai tea and a raspberry cream cheese bear claw
  • Fun at the church picnic
  • Great discussion at small group
  • Laughing until we cried, got the hiccups, and couldn’t breathe at stupid jokes.


9 November (Monday)

  • Homemade chai latte is so yummy!
  • Zumba!  Zumba!
  • Ironing and watching Sanctuary.
  • Chicken maple brats
  • Castle and cuddles


10 November (Tuesday)

  • Happy birthday, Justin!
  • I wasn’t raining when I went outside at lunch
  • I didn’t ache as much as I did after the last time I went to Zumba.
  • Reading together before bed.
  • Rambling around the grocery store.


11 November (Wednesday)

  • Enjoying my workout at Torque
  • Following it up with yoga at home
  • Practicing piano
  • Playing with CSS programing
  • Meeting new people