Still poking along

The sky is so high today.  I just walked across the parking lot to my building at work and just looked up at the sky.  There are contrails from the planes and wispy little clouds; the sun is so bright this morning it’s hard to look at anything without my sunglasses on.  And the sky is just so very high!  The blue goes on forever!

 I just got my free flu shot, courtesy of my employer.  I haven’t had one for a while and the way my immune system works, I probably didn’t need to get it.  But the way this winter is looking and the worry of passing it on to people around me, combined with the fact that it was *free,* was a good enough incentive for me to walk the couple hundred feet from my desk to the break room where the nurses were set up.  My arm is kind of sore, but that’s normal.

I’m working all day today, which is remarkable only because it’s Friday and I’ve gotten so used to not working all day on Fridays.  But I’ll be here until 6:00 tonight.  I’m not complaining so much as commenting on how weird it is to be here all day today.  Last weekend was a longer weekend than anticipated.  It felt long on Saturday after having all Friday afternoon to relax the day before and still having another day to go.  And then it was extended into Monday so I could drive Justin to the doctor’s office.  It also gave me one more day to make sure that whatever had knocked me onto my butt on Saturday and most of Sunday was all the way gone and I wasn’t going to infect any of my coworkers.

But staying home on Monday, lovely as it was and as much as I appreciated the grace of my employer, meant that if I want to make all my hours this week and not take vacation hours that I’m going to need over the holidays, I had to work 10-hour days the rest of the week.  It makes for a long day.

September, as a whole, has been a long month.  We anticipated Justin’s family arriving in town.  We spent time with Justin’s family for the 10 days they were in town.   And then Justin has been ill with this bug.  And again, I’m not complaining so much as expressing that I am really, really tired.

I will complain about this, though.  Do you remember that 5S presentation I mentioned in my last post?  I was going to speak with higher-ups about the program at my company and how it’s going and my thoughts about it.  It was postponed because the coordinator had to go to a funeral.  And then it was taken away from me and given to my lead.  I can’t complain too much about that because he’s a better face for VPs and directors than a low-level employee like me.  But the way that it was handled was frustrating—I overheard them presenting the idea to him while I was at my desk and then they came out and told me that he was going to do it instead of me, with no prior warning and no explanation for why I was uninvited to be a part.  It hurt.

In other news . . . let me think about what’s going on.  Justin’s sick, obviously.  I’m pretty sure that the side-effect from the medication he got on Monday is worse than the sickness in the first place.  Fortunately, today is the last day of the medication, so he should be feeling better very soon. 

Because he’s been laid up, and before that we were entertaining guests, we haven’t made progress on the car situation.  We do have financing, which is a huge improvement.  But we haven’t made a move to find a car.  The dealer we had been working with never called us back after promising that he would, and since this was not the first time he had done that and because he was basically impossible to get a hold of otherwise, we’ve given up on him.  So we’re back to square one when it comes to looking at cars, but when it comes to getting money to pay for the car, we’re set.  Once Justin is feeling better, we should be able to move on it reasonably quickly.

Basically, not much is happening.  And that’s fine.  And I should be able to get back here and write more about how much stuff is not happening.  For example, the rain in most of Georgia?  Not happening at my house.  Yea!  Me being pregnant?  Not happening!  Yea!  Me figuring out this macro in Excel?  Not happening.  YET.