Quiet but good

I find myself speechless lately.  Things are happening, I’m keeping pretty busy, but I haven’t found the words to write about what’s going on.  And if I have found the words, I haven’t felt comfortable putting them up here.

See, that’s the thing about a blog.  It’s up there for anyone to read.  And most of the time, hey!  That’s cool!  I don’t call my family nearly often enough and, while this doesn’t give a wholly rounded image of the writer, it is at least better than nothing.  So I can give a rundown of what’s in my head and what’s going on and how I’m doing and it’s great.  I get to write, I get to put my thoughts up there for discussion, I get to reach out.

But sometimes . . . .  There are things that aren’t appropriate for sharing.  For example, you will never hear details about a fight between Justin and me.  Not that we fight often at all, but every couple has spats and frustrations and all that.  But it’s between the two of us and the wall.  It’s not something I’ll write about.  The same goes for sensitive topics about the rest of my family or specifics about work (that’s a quick way to get fired) or things I’m working through, either thoughts or projects or whatever, that I’m just not ready or willing to talk about.

And lately, my life is filled with a lot of things that I’m just really not willing to discuss.

So that’s why it’s quiet around here.  Hopefully I’ll have more to say soon, but for right now, please be patient with knowing I’m busy, I’m good, I’m happy.  I’m just not very vocal.

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  1. Kylene,

    I was just thinking this very same thing a little while ago and was thinking about asking you if you ever experienced it.

    Writing has always been a way I’ve been able to process things and find support. However, in some of the hardest things I have had to deal with lately (dealing with my mom’s death and life moving on and Nathan’s job) I have been unable to write about because it’s not just my business. It’s someone else’s life involved and it would cause more harm to lay it out there.

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