Grace in Small Things

30 April 09 (Thursday)

  1. I *love* my Pr!vo shoes from Clark’s.  Best.  Shoes. Ever.
  2. Feeling useful by doing things that really help the people in my department but really don’t require a lot of effort on my part.  Like teaching one guy how to print a PDF so it’ll show up the right size on the page.
  3. I was called the strongest person in the 5S group by the Lean/Six Sigma leader in our area.  The one that reports directly to the director.  I work my butt off.  It’s nice to see someone sees it because the guy leading the 5S meetings sure doesn’t seem to.  One of the guys at my level in the committee also kept calling me the 5S goddess, which was another nice boost for my ego.  🙂
  4. Sexy time!
  5. The feeling of accomplishment for rollerblading 5 miles, half of it into the wind.  It really wasn’t the smartest idea, but it sure as heck made me work hard and it feels good to get to the end and know that I can do that.

1 May 09 (Friday)

  1. Once again, I love that I spent the money on this WWF calendar because today I flipped to the month of May and there’s adorable pictures of lions and leopards.  Easy, visual place for sticky notes to show deadlines and out of office plans at a glance, with the added “Awwwww” bonus feature!
  2. I lost 2.5 pounds last week!  Go me!
  3. Justin took me to Applebee’s and Barnes and Noble on a geek date.
  4. And then to the beach where we sat reading for a long time and then splashed in the surf.
  5. And then back to Applebee’s for dessert and home to curl up in bed reading together.

2 May 09 (Saturday)

  1. Fresh cut fruit for breakfast.
  2. Visiting the local pool for the first time this season.
  3. Getting a lot of small things accomplished (balancing the checkbook, washing most of the laundry) but not feeling like most of the day was spent doing “work” stuff.
  4. Easter egg hunting in WoW.
  5. Watching the “Dollhouse” episode that we missed on Friday because of our date and *loving* the surprise of it.  Also: Alan!

3 May 09 (Sunday)

  1. I sat on the back porch reading for a while and the weather was so beautiful and the sound of my fountain so relaxing that it was tempting to sit out there all afternoon long.
  2. We figured out what to do about the website situation for my PO business and started the steps to get that into motion.
  3. Playing video games together.
  4. Finally not hurting anymore from rollerblading on Thursday.
  5. We went to see the Wolverine movie, which had a charming amount of naked Hugh Jackman bottom.  Delightful, really.  Oh!  And the rest of the movie was quite good, too.