Grace in Small Things

28 April 09 (Tuesday)

  1. I clocked in on time even though I got stuck behind a slow truck and my computer kept giving me funky errors when I was trying to log in.
  2. Even though I forgot my tea in the car, I remembered my mugs this morning so I could make myself another cup when I got inside and settled.
  3. The other side of the group that’s going to be using the document I created with all the macros thinks it’s going to work great and help resolve a lot of issues we’ve been having.
  4. Justin and I went for a bike ride and it was really, really great.  We didn’t come back over-exhausted.  I was able to keep pace much better.  The whole thing was so much better than the last time we went out.
  5. I had a lovely conversation with my sister.

29 April 09

  1. I’m buried under projects at work, but it serves as a solid reminder that I have a steady job and reliable income and that’s a rare thing these days.
  2. I logged my food for the 3rd day in a row.  Exercised for the 7th day in a row.  And exceeded my water consumption goal.
  3. My mid-week cheating weigh-check (I’m only supposed to look on Friday) shows that I’m finally going *down* in weight instead of up.
  4. Justin made my lunch for me when evening plans ran later than expected.  I was able to get my clothes set for the morning and get ready for bed while he took care of everything downstairs, even tidying up the mess from dinner.