Grace in Small Things

23 April 2009 (Thursday)

  1. I am kicking major macro butt!  I figured out how to do some of the more complicated things I’m trying to make this thing do!
  2. People come to me for my opinion on 5S stuff!
  3. I managed to get all that sticky, awful stuff off the empty desk in my area.
  4. I went roller blading when got home from work and I didn’t fall and I made it nearly twice as far as I was thinking I would go.

24 April 09 (Friday)

  1. More fun with Excel macros!
  2. Leaving work at 11:30!
  3. Gorgeous weather in the afternoon!
  4. Dollhouse!
  5. Really yummy stir fry!

25 April 09 (Saturday)

  1. Sleeping in later than any other day in the week.
  2. The feeling of accomplishment at having biked 10.5 miles.
  3. Aloe vera to soothe sunburned arms.
  4. Cuddles and comfort from my loving husband after overtaxing myself.
  5. Curling up to watch a movie in bed.

26 April 09 (Sunday)

  1. The sermon at church was really interesting.
  2. Treating ourselves to Chinese buffet for lunch.
  3. Beautiful, lazy Sunday afternoon.
  4. Lovely, stretching yoga to work out those sore muscles from yesterday.
  5. Long, hot soaking bath with pink champagne

27 April 09 (Monday)

  1. I rolled out my Excel project to the guys and I really think it’s going to be helpful and useful and informative and help everybody work better and more effectively and all sort of lovely things.
  2. I’m feeling brave enough to log my food on MFD and I’m very proud of myself.
  3. Even though I had a really rough day, I went out and exercised instead of curling up on the bed and reading my book.
  4. Meatloaf, potatoes, and broccoli:  very probably my favorite comfort-food meal.
  5. Justin played with my hair and rubbed my head until I calmed down enough to sleep.