My Easter weekend was lovely

It was another fine weekend, the last couple of days.

Friday, I worked half the day and then went out to the Island to work with the woman I had organized with before, this time working on her closet.  Closets are difficult, especially shared closets.  What we ended up doing was changing out her winter wardrobe with her summer wardrobe and weeding out clothes that would no longer be worn.  Things got a little tidied up along the way, but most of the work was my “client” going through and looking at the clothes and figuring out what she wanted to do with it.  I was there to help fold and facilitate, but I didn’t feel overly useful.

We ended earlier than planned because she pulled a muscle in her back while we were working, and besides that she had to run an errand in town.  But we managed to get things looking better and more prepared for the warmer months.

I stopped in at Justin’s office to give him some Advil and a hug, and then decided to run around on the Island for a while.  I went to pick up the next book in the series we’re reading (Dresdon Files) and then planned to go to the beach to read for a while.  But I thought that it might be nice to wear something other than dark brown corduroy pants on the beach so I stopped into a thrift shop to look for an inexpensive pair of shorts.  I didn’t find any shorts, but I walked out with 5 shirts, a cardigan, 2 skirts, and a book, all for $15.

After that, I thought it might be fun to wander around in Home Goods for a while because they have such interesting things in there.  I looked at bedding and towels and furniture and desk organizers.  Justin called to tell me he was just about ready to leave work and after a lot of discussion we figured out where we would like to go for dinner.  We went to Truffles Grill, a restaurant that turned out to be much more high-scale than we had anticipated.  But absolutely delicious.  I had salmon that fell apart and melted in my mouth.  Justin had crab cakes that were unbelievable.  The whole meal was fantastic.

Saturday we slept in and then cuddled up reading while baking a seriously unhealthy breakfast (think apple pie meets apple turnover).  After cleaning up the house a little, we set out into town for some errands.  We got Justin a new phone to replace the old one that was falling apart.  We stopped at Lowe’s and picked up, among other things, flowers for the front flower garden.  After all the time spent waiting in the Verizon store and wandering around Lowe’s, it was close to 6:00 by the time we got home.  We sat down to rest our feet and read our books for a while, and I dozed off leaning on Justin’s shoulder.  He nudged me and walked me upstairs to rest in the bed, and I managed to sleep the whole night through.

Sunday, we woke up for church, which was lovely.  The afternoon was filled with accomplishing projects, several of which we had picked up pieces for at Lowe’s the day before.  Justin fixed the drain in the bathtub that hadn’t been draining and replaced the window blind that I had broken while pulling it open the week before.  I went outside and planted flowers in the flowerbed in front of our porch.  I don’t have an especially large amount of experience planting flowers, so hopefully these will do well.  I got mostly marigolds and pansies, but also a larger flowering thing that I can’t remember the name of right now and a few other groundcover plants.  There are a few perennials in the garden from last year, but I don’t really know what they are yet or which of them are going to actually come back.  It’s an adventure!

After planting and watering the flowers, I did a few other yard work things, like raking the mulch back into place from where it had washed from the serious downpour a few weeks ago.  I mowed the lawn.  I trimmed down dead stems from a few plants in the backyard.  I got my fountain washed out and up and running again.  I repotted the aloe plants that were together in a tiny little pot and refreshed the soil in one of the Christmas cactus plants.  The other one is blooming and I want to wait until it’s done with that to shock the heck out of it by repotting it.  After all that, I cleaned up the patio and the porch and made it all a place worth resting on in the evenings.

During all this, Justin fought with our taxes.  Federal, that wasn’t too difficult, I guess.  I mean, we moved and we got married and there were a few complications, but overall it wasn’t too bad.  State, on the other hand . . . .  We started the year in Georgia, with Justin working in South Carolina and me working in Georgia.  We ended the year in South Carolina, with Justin working in South Carolina and me working in Georgia.  Multi-state return!  Oh, joy.  Justin fought with these things for hours on end.  It wasn’t pretty.  And yes, I know we’re cutting it close, but we have been working on these for several weeks.  It’s just that they’re really complicated.

The evening was spent mostly relaxing.  Justin poked at his computer and chatted with friends.  I watched “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” while doing my ironing and crying.  Seriously sad episode.  They built a house for a family with 7 kids, 6 of them special-needs kids adopted from China.  The dad for the family had brain cancer and ended up in the hospital the day before the crew showed up to do the house and died 3 days after it was complete.  He never got to actually see it, but he knew that his family would be safe and well in their new house.  I cried so much.

Anyway, that was our weekend!  It was fun!  I hope your weekend was just as fantastic!!

4 thoughts on “My Easter weekend was lovely”

  1. I saw I preview for EMHE while hooked up to monitors at Ridgeview on Friday and I told Nathan there was no possible way I could watch that show! I seem to only catch it while I’m pregnant and wind up sobbing uncontrollably 🙂

  2. I watched the beginning and end of that Extreme Makeover too! And yes… I cried like a baby too… Very good episode.

  3. I don’t watch that show very often because this happens to me almost every single time I watch it! It’s such a good show–seeing the families get to live in such beautiful homes. But good, gosh! The tears!

  4. I’m so jealous that you are out planting flowers and doing other beautiful spring things, while I’m just raking dead leaves and cutting dead branches and stuff. When will it ever start to get green?? I know now why we always come south this time of year. Spring is so slow in getting here. On the good side, the warm temps are finally here. 60’s every day this week, it sounds like. Hopefully some good spring rain, too. I’m ready for it, with just about everything raked and cleaned up.

    Love, Mom

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