Happy anniversary!

It’s a beautiful day!  A perfect day for our one-year anniversary!  This time of day on the 29th last year, I was nervously waiting to walk up to the gazeebo.  I was worried about falling over in my heels and everybody watching me, but so excited to be getting married to Justin!

Later this afternoon, we’re planning to fix our bikes and go for a bike ride.  We’ll probably go out for dinner.  After church this morning, the older gentleman sitting next to us said that it “spoke volumes of love” to him that Justin held my foot on his lap, and then he went on for about 15 minutes giving us advice for a happy, lasting marriage.  It was awesome.  🙂

And to whoever gave us the Le Creuset French Oven for our wedding, your name wasn’t attached to it by the time we got it back to the apartment.  We love it!  It’s fantastic!  We’d thank you personally, if only we knew who you were.

Have a great day!


    1. Thank you, Erica!

      Thank you, Amy! It was a fantastic day! Absolutely gorgeous!

      Thank you, Mom! I hope you had fun with Nathan and co.! Don’t worry about not calling. We had a fantastic day and I’m sure you did, too, and that makes me really happy! It really was a fantastic day.

      Love you all!

  1. Sorry we didn’t call. We decided at the last minute to drive over and visit Nathan’s family, and we just didn’t think of calling at times when it would work. Bad excuse, but know that we were thinking of you and didn’t forget you were celebrating one year of wedded bliss!

    Much love,


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