Sleepy thoughts on a Monday morning

I’m listening to Sting and the Police on my headphones this morning while drinking orange sweet tea out of a peach jar.  I’m working on a project that might well take me through until sometime tomorrow afternoon, especially since I have 2 hours worth of meetings this afternoon that will take me away from it.  It’s going to be a long day.

I knew it was going to be a long day when my neighbor woke me up by turning on his car and leaving the door open with the radio blaring.  At 6:00 in the morning.  I managed to doze for another 20 minutes, 15 minutes longer than I could afford, before stumbling into the shower.  The slip that completed my outfit was still in the dryer when I dressed.  Wet in the dryer.  I dried it off with my blow-dryer.  Thankfully I made my lunch last night, so I just had to throw it into my bag.  Quick kiss for my husband, who rolled over and went back to sleep while I ran out the door and made it to my desk 10 minutes late.

I’m sleepy and it’s making me cranky.  My weekend was too lovely to transition back into work well.  I’d rather be curled up in the sunlight at home, reading a book next to Justin.  No plans for the rest of the day except a few chores that need to get done.  And even if they don’t, it’s not a big deal.  There’s no urgency.  There’s just enjoying the sunshine and the closeness.

My hair is driving me crazy and I’ve tried to pull it back into a clip.  It’s too slippery and it’s not holding well.  I’ll probably end up pulling it back in an elastic.

I have a baked potato in the fridge for lunch, saved from dinner out on Saturday.  Strawberries and a yogurt of some flavor to go with it.  A tangelo for snack later this afternoon.  I should remember to bring home the two different salad dressings I’ve left in the fridge.

There are so many things I’d rather be doing at home than reading this document at work.  We’re all out of clean cups again.  The dishwasher is ready to go, but it hasn’t been run yet.  Whatever it was that collected at the bottom of the washing machine needs to be washed out so we can rinse the delicates load again.  And there are more loads of laundry to do after that.  I have things to do to get my professional organizing off the ground.  I really would like to make some bread.  The lawn needs mowing and raking.  I have ironing hanging in my office.

I probably should have spent more time over the weekend working on these things and the others on my list rather than relaxing with Justin.  Right now, I have to read this document.  After lunch, I have to go to two meetings.

We still don’t know how the layoffs and furloughs are going to affect us in my area.  Suspicions suggest that we’ll be off between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  It gives me more time to squirrel away money.  But we still really don’t know.  And the money that I’ve been squirreling away, I was hoping to be able to spend on airplane tickets.  Not rent.  But maybe my business will actually be bringing in money by that time of the year.  Maybe Justin will have a better job, one where the boss has ethics, where Justin gets paid for sick time and vacation time, where they treat the customers right.  And maybe I’ll sneeze diamonds and emeralds out of my nose.

It’s time for lunch, so I’m going to go warm up my potato.  I’ll post this, even though it’s grouchy.  But that’s the way things go.  Not every day can be a race-finishing, going-out-to-dinner day.  Some days are getting-to-work-late, doing-boring-work days.

I hope you all have fantastic afternoons!  May the sun on your face shine brightly, but not directly into your eyes.


  1. Kylene, it sounds like you have a lot on your mind. Job instability can be very stressful. We’ll be praying for you!

  2. No chance of the sun in my eyes up here. Rainy, icky day. Chance of snow again later this week. Whoopee! Not… Sounds like life in general is just piling up on you. Life is like that sometimes. That’s what makes the great days really great, after all!

    Love ya,


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