Grace in Small Things

15 March 09

  1. Snuggles from my fantastic husband.
  2. Chatting with my mom for a while. It was a lovely conversation and I really enjoyed it.
  3. Watching NCIS while working on a project I’ve put off for too long.
  4. Dinner with my husband while watching interesting television.

16 March 09

  1. Receiving my 5S award and a $25 gift card for a restaurant. (A Savannah restaurant, but that just means we’ll have to find an excuse to drive into town.)
  2. I finally finished pulling the stitches from the hem of the pants I’m trying to fix.
  3. Justin made dinner and cleaned the kitchen at the same time—putting away the dishes from the dishwasher and washing the dishes as he made the meal. And then he surprised me with delicious waffles and a spotless kitchen.
  4. I have an organizing job on Friday!!!
  5. Castle: Once again, highly entertaining television.
  6. Laughing and cuddling while going to sleep, talking about slumber parties as children.

17 March 09

  1. Wearing my green and white stripped socks to work and getting away with it because it’s a popular local holiday.
  2. Getting more compliments on my green and white stripped socks than anything else I have ever worn.
  3. Pulling my hair back into a clip and having it look great and feel comfortable and *stay* that way for several hours.
  4. Yoga! Strength, balance, focus, and fabulousness.
  5. Reading in bed next to my husband.