Pictures for Mom

I finally got around to putting up a few pictures of the outside of our house and the neighborhood.  Not very many pictures, but they’re on the PHOTOS page if you’re interested.

I took the pictures back in November or something like that, so there are leaves on the trees that aren’t there now.  And we’ve cleaned up the backyard a bit.  I’ll try to add more pictures as spring starts coming in with new and fresh colors.



  1. How lovely! Looks like a really beautiful neighborhood. Is the little barn and pool and path the park where you go to run? Can you swim there? How far from home is that?



  2. Yup, that’s where we go! And it’s very close – not even a quarter mile down the road. Admittedly, we’ve been sneaking up and around the area to try out some other paths lately – running in 1/7th of a mile circles around that barn and pool does start gettin’ boring. Theoretically, it’ll be warm enough to swim soon. I know I’m excited for it.

  3. What an ideal setup for you guys. I’m jealous. All we have to swim in is a green lake. But, then again, you couldn’t pay me to put on a bathing suit!


  4. 🙂

    Like Justin said, it really is just down the street from us. And it’s open to everybody who lives in our housing development, but it’s not usually too busy when we go, which is generally toward the evening, since we’d go after work. It’s closed for the season, but if the weather continues like it was today (*totally* gorgeous) then hopefully it’ll be open again soon. There’s a newly installed playground in front of the barn and there are usually a lot of kids (of all ages) hanging out in that area. It’s become a popular hangout. But it does get boring running around that loop again and again so we’ve been exploring other grounds. 🙂 I’ll try to add more pictures as spring pokes its head around the corner!

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