Grace in Small Things

26 Feb 09

  1. I got to use my polka-dot umbrella on the way into work this morning.
  2. Free pizza lunch in appreciation for our work on this huge project.
  3. Justin and I went for a 2 mile run and made plans for the race in March.  It felt good to move.
  4. Writing an organizing post for my site.  Research and fun.
  5. Deciding what I should do about a roadblock I’ve been facing internally regarding my organizing business.

27 Feb 09

  1. I got a box of presents from my sister!
  2. My baby blue got a much needed oil change.  Everything went smoothly and she’s a happy, happy car.
  3. I got a much needed massage.  Using money I got from my parents for my birthday, I had a girl work on my back for an hour.  She said the same thing as my chiropractor:  I need to get some work done.
  4. After returning home after my massage, I soaked for a long time in a bath to soothe away all the aching from the massage.
  5. Delicious pizza for dinner!

28 Feb 09

  1. We went running.  It wasn’t fun during the run, but it felt good afterward.
  2. We cleaned the house really well in a short amount of time.  It looks great.
  3. Dress shirts were on sale at Dillard’s for 85% off!  Really great shirts and Justin is always in need of new dress shirts.
  4. I picked up a giraffe-patterned lunch-bag-perfect bag for cheap.
  5. We stopped for our favorites at the mall cafe court:  Gyros and Cold Stone ice cream.

1 Mar 09

  1. Church was lovely.  There was a very touching good bye to the youth pastor.  I almost started to cry.
  2. Yea.  My birth control is 100% effective to date.
  3. I have a very attentative husband who takes care of me when I’m not feeling well, bringing me food, bringing me hot packs, putting on my socks, checking in on me often.  Plus, hangs up a towel rack in the bathroom.
  4. I pulled my papasan chair in front of my computer and nested in while watching NCIS–lots of blankets and pillows and things to munch on.
  5. Chocolate bars.  Leftover pizza.  Pretzels dipped in chocolate frosting.  And diet cherry 7-Up.