Oh, yeah! I should actually write something!


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I keep getting so disctracted by how beautiful my new website is that I keep forgetting to, say, update my website.  Oops!

Tonight is Thursday evening and I am very glad that it’s finally the end of the week.  It’s been yet another long week and I’m looking forward to my little errands that I run on Friday afternoons and sleeping in on Saturday morning and all the relaxing things (like cleaning house) that I do over the weekend.

I do try not to talk too much about work on here.  I don’t alway succeed, but it does take up a lot of my time and energy, so the brain’s got to put that stuff somewhere eventually.  We’ve been working on some major projects that should help make the paperwork for future projects be much more simple.  In theory, we should be able to take the paperwork for this one product and use it on another product that’s designed the same way.  It won’t always work because we create product that’s very customized a lot of the time.  But it should be reusable enough times that it’ll pay off in the end.

In theory.

But right now, all we’re getting is headaches and running around like a bunch of headless chickens.  We were supposed to have one of these (there are seven separate paperwork projects going with three different end-products) done last week.  And we didn’t get it done this week either.  Monday!  Monday we should have it done.  I think we might actually have one of the three for this one done, but we still have a loooooooong way to go yet.

And then, because these have been clogging up the pipes so much, all our other projects are getting more and more behind so we’re going to have a frantic scramble to see if we can make the rest of our deadlines after having these shift and shift and shift.

On top of that, I’m also involved in a Lean Six Sigma 5S project.  This is one of my choosing and one that I’ve had a significant vested interest in for the last month and a half.  We’re rewriting a form that is used cross-site, cross-departmentally to us in an audit to determine the current cleanliness level of different areas of the company.  The form we had before was gastly.  Really wretched.  So I rewrote it.  And then people edited it and I rewrote it again, putting in their suggestions.  We’ve gone through like 6 revisions now.  This morning, I was part of a 2.5 hour meeting with about a dozen people from four different sites talking about the form.  And we got 20 of the 25 questions completed.  We got everybody to agree that those 20 questions work for what we’re trying to do, for all sites, for all office departments.  They’re clear and concise and say what we mean to be saying.  Finally!  We’ll get through the next 5 questions on Monday, I hope, and then we should have a really good end product!  But it’s taken a lot of time and work and energy.  I’ll be glad to see it roll out and see if it actually accomplishes what we hope it will accomplish.

And that’s work!  Part of it.

At home, I’m finally feeling better.  I don’t know what was up with the nausia on Monday and the extreeme exhaustion, but after having rested most of the week, I’m feeling much better.  It wasn’t the flu–I never had the sensitive skin and aching muscles and feverish sweats that I get with the flu.  But it was some sort of bug that I’m glad to have booted to the door.

Oh, hey!  Thinking of, my shingles is all gone away now.  The meds really worked a number on that and it was gone really quickly.  I still had the little red spots on my hip for a while, but they’ve all cleared up now.  Such a strange thing . . . .

Trying to think of what else to write about.  I think I’m going to call lit a night, though, and go get some sleep.  I hope you’re all doing well!  Take care and I’ll see you here again soon!


    1. That’s funny–it doesn’t feel exotic to me. 🙂 It feels tiring and normal and ordinary. It’s that just the way it goes?!

      But thank you! I hope everybody in your house is feeling better soon!

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