Grace in Small Things (set 2 of the great update)


  1. I’m not pregnant!  Yea!
  2. Hot packs.  Warm, wonderful, soothing comfort.
  3. Both of my parents are still alive.
  4. Support of loving family and friends.


  1. I’m good at my job.  I underestimate myself a lot, I think, but I’m good at what I do.
  2. Headphones.  Sometimes the people around here make so much noise!
  3. Feeling better about myself now that I’m exercising and watching my food intake again.
  4. Anticipation of yoga class getting me through the day.
  5. Sunshine coming in through an open hatch to the roof.  A random sunny surprise while coming up the steps.


  1. Warm mornings mean I don’t have to go out and start my car in the morning.  I enjoy not making time to step out of the house to scamper across the driveway to turn on my car so I can see through the windows when I leave for work in the morning.  (“This is the cat that killed the rat that ate the malt that lay in the house that Jack built.”)
  2. Feeling better about myself and seeing a change on the scale that reflects that feeling.  Hopefully that change will stick through until Friday when I do my official weekly weigh-in.
  3. Birth control is a wonderful thing.
  4. Curling up with my husband to watch TV in bed.
  5. Feeing full after eating dinner and not feeling guilty about eating too much.


  1. Even after not going to the dentist for over two years, I have no cavities.  Yea!
  2. Insurance that covers dental visits—x-rays and exam and no co-pay.  How is that even possible?!
  3. Homemade turkey soup that turns out surprisingly good and only has 175 calories per serving.  Again, how is that possible?!
  4. Running and feeling absolutely fantastic before, during, and after.  My shins are still tight and my hip is a little wonky, but I can run!  And I can feel wonderful about it!
  5. Warm, clean laundry fresh from the dryer.


  1. I only have to work half a day today!  It’s been a very, very long time since I haven’t had to work longer on a Friday afternoon.
  2. I’m going to a yoga party tonight!  Flannel pajamas, yoga, and treats, all for $7 less than a usual class would cost.  How cool is that?!
  3. Gas is $1.56 a gallon at the station I pass just before work.  That’s like half what it was not too long ago.  It’s so wonderful!
  4. My weigh-in this morning put me at 209.5 pounds.  That’s already six pounds down from where I was at just last Friday.  We’ll see if it sticks and if I can keep dropping weight like dirty socks.  Probably not, but it’s so encouraging this morning.
  5. I got a good chunk of Christmas shopping done this afternoon and did quite well, I think, at finding good, affordable gifts for people.  I have more to do, hopefully this weekend, but I’m pleased with what I’ve got.  Hopefully Justin will agree.  (He does!)