Playing with my new toy

I’ve been having entirely too much fun playing with my new website.

If you haven’t noticed yet, I’ve moved from Movable Type to WordPress.  Justin, being the wonderful, attentive husband that he is, gave me the option to try out both systems and let me compare them.  I did a little research, too, and my research, I have to tell you, wasn’t all that impressive.  There’s lots of fighting between the two companies.  But it seemed to me that the people who would get the most out of Movable Type were the people with multiple sites and lots and lots of information.  Me?  I just write a lot of nonsense and post pictures now and then.

Plus, WordPress uses PHP and is very easily modifiable.  Like, oh, my gosh, how easy was that?!  I can DO THAT?!

For examples:

That picture at the top of the front page here?  I took that picture.  I know how to take a picture into a photo editor, mess it around a little, save it with a specific name and in a specific location and put MY OWN PICTURES ON MY OWN WEBSITE HEADER.  I have wanted to do that for a very, very long time.

Also, Justin showed me how to find the code in the style sheet to change the font and spacing for the headers on the pages.  The title of this blog used to be in an Ariel font all stuck together without much spacing.  Justin showed me how to change the font to Georgia with more spacing and I can do that for pretty much everything on this thing.

I feel so empowered!  I can edit the format and styles of my blog!  I can put my own pictures up on it!  I can add pages and have them show up on the menu!  There’s even an embeded photo gallery (empty of photos at the moment, sadly) that I can fill up with my own pictures!

I’m very excited.

PLUS, he was able to upload all the posts I had over in the Movable Type blog.

Oh!  And commenting should be much easier now.  I’m really not sure yet, because there are so many options to mess with, but somebody please try to leave me a comment and let me know if you’re able to get through it or not!

So I’m very excited.  I’ve been home for a few hours now and I had plans to take a relaxing bath and read a book, drink a glass of wine, watch a little TV with my honey.  And I’ve spent the whole time (with a break for making a really delicious pasta dinner) learning how to change things on my blog.

I’m such a geek.

I’m such a VERY HAPPY geek.

There are still things that I need to work out and tweak a little and those things will happen slowly as I figure out what they are and how to change them.  I’m excited to see what those things will be. Until then, though, I’ve got a little bit of posting to do.

Not today, sorry, because I’ve spent too much time writing this post, but tomorrow I’ll try to come back with some more Grace in Small Things and some talking about what’s been happening around here lately.  Here’s a hint:  There hasn’t been very much happening.

So take care everybody!  Have fun poking around the site and be sure to check back often as I’ll be changing more and more things and trying to get back into updating more frequently.



  1. To make up for lost time!!!!

    Oh, yeah, and the site looks awesome. I’m so glad that you opted for WordPress. I’m very happy with it. I love the picture at the top of the page–and how neat that you can actually put your own pictures there!

    1. Thank you! I love it so much! I really have to ask you how you have your comments page set up, though, because I don’t think I have mine as secure as I’d like to have it.

  2. Hrm. Those were supposed to be nested under the comments I replied to from the Dashboard side of the dealio.

    I’ll have to get Justin to look at the code for that.

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