It’s alive!! It’s ALIVE!!!

So, I don’t know about you, but I am SO!  EXCITED! that my website is working again.  YEA!!!

So let me tell you the story of how I asked my husband to break my website.

“Justin?  Will you update the interface for my website from MovableType 4.0 to MovableType 4.2?”

"Sure, honey!”

“Thank you!”

And that’s pretty much it.  Justin downloaded the update and instead of being this wonderful new and beautiful thing for me to use, it started sending us multiple errors.  The administrative log in was totally unavailable with all these really weird errors.  The exciting part was when it was actually a MovableType error instead of something else.

so Inking My Thinking has *looked* normal for the last month and a half, but I haven’t been able to log in to actually put in updates.  It was totally dead from my end.

Justin eventually figured out that the error had something to do with our server (complicated technology stuff) and put in a request to have us moved over to a Linux server.  That apparently happened yesterday and Justin went in last night, downloaded the update that I’d asked for in the first place, tweaked a few things that he’s going to tweak some more later on, and YEA!  I HAVE A WEBSITE AGAIN!

Of course, all my old posts are gone from the server end because of the move.  We have backups, but they’re all saved on Justin’s computer.  Justin’s computer decided to take the big sleep last weekend and we’re waiting for parts so Justin can go all bionic man and rebuild it faster!  Better!  Quieter and more energy efficient than before.  But really the key is that it’ll turn on, something his computer isn’t doing right now.

So, for now, there’s nothing in the archives.  There’s just this post and it’s possible that this will disappear after we load the archives.  We’ll figure that out once we can actually access that information again.

And the template for the page is kinda funky, but I was getting so unbelievably tired of that last template that this is refreshing.  Eventually I hope to have something designed by Justin and customized to me, but that’s not going to happen for a while.

In the meanwhile, I have been working on the Grace in Small Things project almost every day.  There was a while over the holiday that I didn’t remember to keep track, but I have a large file of things I’m grateful for and I’m going to work on posting them up here.  In batches of several at a time.

And I’m going to start posting again and getting ya’ll back up to date on what’s happening down here in the South.

But not today.  Today I went to a luncheon to celebrate the life of a gentleman who passed away in my department.  At the age of 88.  He apparently got really bored with retirement.  He was a sweet man and we shared lots of amusing stories about him.  It was very touching.

But I’m out of time for my lunch now and I’ve got to get back to my multitude of projects.  So I’ll put up this post to let you know that Inking My Thinking is back up and functional and I’m going to be back and posting more often now.

Have a great day, everybody!