Grace in Small Things – 2 Dec 2008

  1. AAA. A group of friendly folk who not only are willing to come out and jump your husband’s car with an enormous jumping-box, but who will also tow said car to a repair shop in order to get that battery serviced.

  2. Feeling appreciated at work because I have coat hooks and tickets for tomorrow’s lunch and sheet protectors and information about the audits, all while managing to put two documents out for review and another out for submission. I feel intelligent! And important!
  3. Rollerball pens. Because writing by hand wouldn’t be nearly as easy or as much fun without these gel-filled plastic things.
  4. Wikipedia, without which I wouldn’t have known there was a difference between ballpoint pens and rollerball pens. FYI, it’s the kind of ink used.
  5. Pink champagne. Who needs a reason?