Rambling post about my weekend

Weekends keep throwing me off, posting-wise.  I get to some point of my evening, which today was about two minutes ago, and think “Ack!  I need to post something!”  It’s just not a part of my normal weekend thought.

Today was another lovely day.  We went to church.  I think we’re going to give the church we visited where the pastor was on sabbatical one last try, once that pastor gets back.  But right now, we’re pretty much set on the church that, coincidentally, meets just across the street in the high school.  It’s nice.  We like the pastor.  I love that he preaches straight out of the Bible and encourages everybody to actually have a Bible to follow along.  It’s good stuff.

This afternoon, I returned the curtains we got last week that didn’t work for the living room and picked up two others to try instead.  I also picked up another set of curtain rods for the upstairs bedroom because it turns out the set we got last weekend is a layered set–one rod for the curtain and another for the valance.  Not actually a set of two for two windows.  Oops!  At home, I put up the new curtains on the already hanging rod, which, it turns out, is now too low for these curtains.  But these work quite well and I think we’ll keep them.  Probably.  And next weekend we’ll hang the curtains up in the bedroom.

And then I made ginger cookies for the potluck lunch on Tuesday.  I’m going to be working 10-hour days this week to cut down on the hours that are used up for holiday and vacation because I don’t have quite enough to cover the entire Christmas holiday.  Working long hours will cut down on the unpaid portion of the holiday, but not quite eliminate it.  Still, it’s substantially better than last year.  And with things happening the way they are at work (they’re trying to get as much done before the end of the fiscal year as possible), I’ll certainly be able to find work to keep me busy.  And the point of saying all that was to say that I did the cookies today because those cookies take me several hours to make and there was no way I’d have time to do that tomorrow.  Now I just have to make sure Justin doesn’t eat them all before Tuesday.

Oh!  Our date yesterday was fantastic.  We went to the beach.  It was cold and it was dark, but it was really amazing.  I only freaked out a little bit, just three times–when I realized how dark it was and kept thinking that someone was going to sneak up behind us and stab us.  Crazy brain.  Totally absurd.  If we’d been walking in the woods, I’d have been afraid of bears or wildcats attacking us and eating us.  There’s no rationality behind it.

Anyway.  We walked down to the edge of the water, where we could just barely see the waves.  The cresting white tops a little ways off made the most noise, crashing down louder than the waves just lapping at the edge of the beach.  The light from the city behind us reflected on the white, leaving the rest of the ocean an inky black.  Lights from a few ships and a lighthouse far away from where were stood were the only lights on the water, and above them stretched a huge expanse of stars.  It’s amazing how many stars are visible away from the lights of town.  We only stepped a little ways away from the lights, getting down to the water, and there were so many stars to see.

We walked down the coast for a while, listening to the water and chatting, the wet sand firm beneath our shoes.  The wind coming off the waves was cold, making my cheeks sting a little and I pulled my hat down over my ears.  We held hands in pockets, keeping fingers warm.  When we turned back, we stood and looked at the stars again for a while.  I saw a shooting star fall, leaving a long, bright tail behind it.  It was fantastic.

We found our way back to the car, chilled through, but having a great time.  After looking at the map a little, Justin navigated us right to the restaurant where we had dinner.  Justin ordered fried shrimp, halibut, and scallops.  I got a chicken and shrimp curry over jasmine rice.  It came in half a pineapple!  Seriously!  A pineapple split lengthwise and hollowed out filled with all sorts of yummy goodness.  I have it down in the fridge, but I don’t have a picture of it yet.  Justin’s scallops took him to his happy place.  He closed his eyes and completely zoned out while he was eating one.  They were that melt-in-your-mouth kind of good.  He very much enjoyed them.

And then we came home and watched an episode of SG:1.  We’re two episodes away from the end of Season 8, so I’m going to have to mail them all back to Nathan soon.  Apparently these last two episodes are wrapping up an era with this show and the last two seasons go a completely different direction.  I’m excited to see where they go, but sad that all these characters that I’ve gotten so invested in are going to be heading in different directions.  But I don’t really know where it’s going, so I’ll just have to wait.

I hope you all had a really great weekend.  Mine was fantastic!

I’ll check in with ya’ll again tomorrow!