This was my day:

Today was a fun day.

I slept in luxuriously late.  Justin, of course, got up before me, but when I wandered into where he was sitting, he came back to bed and snuggled with me until I was really ready to get out of bed.  The weatherman totally called it wrong because it was supposed to be all gloomy and raining, but it was fantastically sunny.  So I went for a run/walk while Justin said he was going to poke at a few things on his computer.  He actually fibbed to me and started cleaning up the house while I was out.

My exercising thing is still progressing.  Slowly.  My calves are very tight.  We have a lap that runs around the clubhouse and the pool and the brand new playset for the kids.  It’s seven times around for a mile.  I can generally make it three or four before I have to stop and stretch my calves because I just can’t go any more.  Today I wanted to see if maybe I could do better by running a lap and then walking a lap.  It didn’t really help.  Maybe I was just too tight from yesterday?  I’m not sure.  But my calves are still killing me.  Generally, the plan is to stretch for a while after I have to stop and then keep on moving so I can finish running my mile.  Today I ran one, walked one, stretched for a while, ran another, walked another, stretched some more.  I managed two miles this way, running the very last lap instead of walking it.  But I’m starting to get really irritated with my calves.

Anyway, I got home and Justin was cleaning the kitchen.  He’d already made the bed and collected up the laundry and all the rest of the upstairs tidying.  I stretched out for a while and then stepped in to help him.  And then he started taking apart the garbage disposal.

When we visited this house before we decided to rent it, we were really impressed with everything in the kitchen, including the disposal.  But on the day we moved in, I turned on the disposal and it sounded like it had an ice cube in there that wouldn’t crush.  An ice cube made out of metal.  So we haven’t been using it.  We switched it on occassionally to see if it had stopped making that dreadful noise, wishful thinking, and one day it wouldn’t turn on at all.  It just made this humming noise.

Justin told me that he could fix it, so he did some research online (since that was the only kitchen item that our landlady did not provide paperwork for) and figured out how to take it apart.  This is what he found.
DisposalCoin.jpgIt was wedged in to the side of the disposal.  Justin’s fairly positive that it used to be a penny.  It’s amazing how something so small can make such a problem.
Anyway, he took it out, but at that point, he wasn’t able to put the disposal back together again because we didn’t have any plumber’s putty to hold everything watertight.  So we decided to run some errands in town.

We went to Lowe’s, naturally, to get the putty.  Also a set of blinds because the Home Owner’s Association is about to fine our landlady $1000 because one of the blinds in our bedroom has a split slat.
SplitBlinds.jpgIt’s insanely rediculous.  But we also needed rakes to get the leaves off the lawn and some hedge trimmers to cut back the vines encroching on the backyard.

We also hit Old Navy so I could get a new pair of play pants becuase I only have one pair that fit right now and we’re both tired of me wearing them all the time.

And we stopped at Bed, Bath, and Beyond to look at curtains for the living room and the bedroom.  We found some beautiful microseude ones that match our living room fantastically.

After that, we went back toward home and stopped at the Sea Turtle Cinemas for our first movie experience with them.  It’s a really lovely theatre and we’re excited about going to more movies there.  We saw Quantom of Solace, the new Bond movie.  It really did pick up right after the end of the previous movie.  And it was a whole heck of a lot of fun.  But I was left dissatisfied because I wanted to know more about what was happening in the big picture of the film.  Apparently that’s reserved for the next film.  This was much shorter than Casino Royale, too, so it felt like they could have taken the time to do more.  But apparently the film makers decided to go another route.  Whatever.  It was still a very fun movie.

After the movie, we came back home.  I did some tidying while Justin finished fixing the garbage disposal.  He got it all assembled back together again with all the electrical and the pipes and turned the water back on.  He went and flipped the switch and it works perfectly!  It’s fantastic!!  We threw a bunch of ice cubes down it to sharpen the blades and clean things up and it’s so wonderful!!  It’s so fast!  And so quiet!  And Justin fixed it all up for only the cost of some plumber’s putty!  I though for sure we’d have to hire a plumber, but no!  My husband fixed it!  It makes me very happy.

While I worked on cleaning up the dishes and everything else that had been left undone in the kitchen while he worked on the disposal, he went to work on the curtains in the living room.  Unfortunately, we didn’t have the same amount of success there.  The panel curtains are different colors.  From different dye batches, probably.  But disappointing.  And we’re having trouble with how to work with the scarf valance.  It’s all hanging right now, but we’re just letting it sit overnight because we’re just not sure what to do about it.  We might end up taking a bunch of it back tomorrow and trying a different direction, but we’ll figure that out tomorrow.

Have I managed to completely bore you?  I thought it was a whole lot of fun.  We got some good thing and took care of problems that have been bothering me for a long while.  Tomorrow we have lots of plans to get more things accomplished in the yard and in the house.  It’s going to be another great day!

Have a good night, everybody!