Justin’s birthday

Ah!  Yes.  A post.  I should get around to that today.

Today is Justin’s birthday and he has had much better birthdays.  He’s feeling even worse than he was over the weekend.  The good news is that he has a doctor’s appointment tomorrow morning.  Also that I have a flexible work-place so I can make sure he gets there okay by driving him myself if need be.  The unfortunate thing is that he stayed home today and will probably not make it to work tomorrow and his work-place is not nearly so lenient.  Of course, they’re also more desperate for his services, so I’m not really worried about him getting fired.  Just that they’ll yell at him.  And come on, people.  The man is sick!  On his birthday!  Give him a break.

Last night I dreamt that the director for my department fired me.  It was a weird, uncomfortable dream.  The weird part was that I had to go back the day after getting fired and explain to all the people in my department that even though I’d just gotten on direct, I had been dismissed.  Because of my computer usage.  So, you notice I’m writing this from home today.  That’s how freaked out it made me.  I’d have done this over my lunch break, which is generally accepted, but we had a departmental luncheon, so that was out. Plus, they’ve installed a new filter on the web-filter system and this site doesn’t even make it past that new layer.  Apparently “personal pages” are now verboten.  Pooh.  But, as I’d rather be employed than unemployed, I’ll just have to post from home.  That’s fine.  It’s just a drag.

Not really sure where else to go with this today.  It’s been a strange day, filled with worry about Justin and worry about stupid dreams, awkward lunches with people at work, lots and lots and lots of proofreading documents and finding the same old errors again and again, and about an hour of running around trying to find a stamp that reads “Preliminary data.  Not released.”  There used to be one!  But no one knows where it went when everybody moved cubicles.  And now we’re going to have to buy a new one.  And until then I’m just going to have to take the stamp that says “Preliminary Release.   Date:______” and block off everything except for the first word.  It’s irritating.

Oh, and I got a look like I’m a crazy person when I mentioned that it took me a while to decide whether I wanted to be direct at the company because I’m not fond of working in corporate America.  I prefer small business.  Except that the benefits in corporate are So.  Much.  Better.  Yeah, I sold out to the man.  And, boy, the benefits are great!

Anyway.  It’s been a weird day.  It happens.  It’s the tenth.  There’s no way we’re making it through the whole month without hitting a whole bunch of emotions.

Just wait until we get to Thanksgiving.  When I’m sitting down here while my family gathers together up north.  Those aren’t going to be some fun days.

But we’ll get there when we get there.  Now I think I’m going to go curl up with a book for the rest of my evening.